So here I sit next to a big, warm, white shawl.

I have seen this shawl pretty much all my life, and it’s always felt odd. Odd because it’s an incredible amount of work.

Let’s be clear, I didn’t knit this. Nor will I ever knit this pattern. Garter stitch in 2mm needles, that’s just too much for me.

My yarn hero knits those. Plenty of those. Each time she has nothing to knit, she makes one and gives it away.

It would take me a lifetime to finish just one.


20140222-162326.jpgSometimes, it takes gorgeous pieces like those to have a different perspective on life, knitting, and the universe.

What makes you sit and think about the value of time and hard work ?

What do you refuse to knit ?

Froderick’s laughingbird scarf

So I’m just done blocking my second Laughingbird scarf this month. I never knit the same pattern twice, so I guess I really love this pattern.

I used Novena yarn by Lang Yarn, soft and easy to knit. Bought it in a little yarn shop in a little of nowhere, a french village with empty streets and a lot of rain. And the shop was closing, so I had to ask the lady to open for me before she said goodbye to her shop.20140214-152351.jpg

The colors reminded me of Froderick.

Froderick The Bat.

If you ever played A Vampyre Story, you might understand the pizza quote.

Tonight, I’ll be watching David Suchet portray Hercule Poirot, so I need to find a new knitting project…

A few more pics :

Before blocking :20140213-185457.jpg

blocked :20140213-185602.jpg

Close up, so many errors showing up, but I like it anyhow.


Black merino Laughingbird scarf

I knit this lovely, modern lace scarf in a week. It´s a very fulfilling pattern, and a good stashbuster.

You can find the pattern for free here on Ravelry.

I used Lang bébé yarn, that I bought in a little yarn shop in a small town in France. The shop was closing on the next day, so I bought random yarn to cheer up the landlady. Then I wondered what to knit with it. And now the project is already over !

I love blocking lace, the magic of the lace pattern appearing…



I love that pattern so much that I’ve already started another one, with stripes of light and dark purple.

How do you like this pattern ? What’s your favorite stashbuster ?

Preparing for a french knitting fair in Paris this week end !

Hi everyone !

Just a quick word to say I’m really exited to be a part of l’Aiguille en fête, a fair gathering needles crafts in Paris. I’ll at stand G9.3 with Addicted2knit this week end. Come and say hello !

This year my resolution was to avoid buying fabrics and yarn and you know, all those lovely colorfull stuff we use for our magic. I’m pretty sure my will is going to yield, and I’m going to buy plenty of yarn this week-end.

How do you prepare for knitting fairs ? Do you write down a list of the patterns/yarns you want ?

And so to frog it.

quand c'est raté, c'est raté...

These last days I was looking for a new knitting project, something quick, useful, and easy to knit in public and knitting cafés.

So I improvised that baby poncho.

Only to find out it was way to small and not the right shape.

So now I’m frogging it and I’m going to knit plenty of baby hats knit in the round for charity.


Still hate that feeling that I’ve lost time knitting for nothing.

How do you feel when you frog a project ?

KIP : A new baby hat

So I decided to knit a new baby hat, using my good old garter stitch baby hat free pattern (I haven’t translated it in english yet, if anyone wants to do the translation please let me know. My laziness isn’t getting any better).

I used double pointed needles in 3,5mm, and Bergere de France yarn in Caline, using white this time. Here’s my knitting after just an jour and a half knitting quietly. I think this pattern is slightly to wide for a newborn, so I’ll probably try to knit another hat with 2,5mm needles to see the result.