Handspun Yarn : Giverny

Last year, I showed you some yarn I had dyed with food coloring in this post. I somehow forgot to show what I did with some wool dyed in a crazier, green-teal gradient. Here’s the end result.

I spun a long single yarn, and then used Holst Garn Coast in different dye lots of Kingfisher and a darker teal to get the final yarn. Using a spindle to ply everything is a long and pretty mesmerizing process.

I have mixed feelings about this yarn. I finished it during a very difficult moment of my life, waiting weeks in a foreign country for doctor’s approval to fly back home, after a few days at hospital.

There’s so much pain and hope into this yarn. The final result reminds me of the paintings of Jean Monet, whose house is in a lovely little french village called Giverny. You can visit anytime of the year and it feels like Mary Poppins walking inside the paintings.

The color is so pretty yet I don’t know what to do with it. Any ideas ? It’s only about 100m long I think.

Have you spun anything lately ? Do you prefer the wheel or the spindle ? Don’t have room for a wheel but I sometimes feel limitated by the spindle.



  1. Hi Cathy–

    Beautiful yarn! Here is a site with some links to patterns 1-285 yards (some under 100)–and each link is marked with the number of yards the pattern takes:


    Here is one of the patterns linked from that page: https://vickiehowell.com/2007/02/lana-clark-ascot-february-free-pattern-of-the-month/ (98 yards)

    and another for ~95 yards: http://snailspirals.blogspot.com/2007/12/basic-fingerless-mitts.html

    There are lots you wouldn’t want to do…but some you might! Have fun with that lovely yarn… :)

    • Thank you very much ! I actually finished that yarn a while ago and I think I’ll weave it, since weaving uses way less yarn than knitting or crocheting. Will keep all those precious links though, so much to explore !

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