Sewing : 2 exotic fabrics, 2 t-shirts

I bought these fabrics many years ago, at a sale in a yarn shop in the middle of nowhere in Brittany, France. There are palm trees in Brittany actually so it made me smile to find these fabrics there. And I love palm trees, and challenges.

My mum liked the orange one and asked for a t-shirt. I had never sewn stretch fabric before, so I did my best. There was plenty of mistakes and the result isn’t that wearable, but I learnt that sewing stretch fabric was something I wanted to learn more about eventually.
The pattern is “Plantain” from lovely French brand Deer & Doe, and it’s free here.
I changed the length of the sleeves and I tried reshaping the front to add more coverage, using normal biais instead of a stretchy one. And that’s where things got wrong. But looking back at it now, it isn’t that bad for a beginner !

The second t-shirt took me over 25 weeks from the moment I looked at the pattern in 2017 to the finished object. But it was well worth it.
I learnt so much in the process, and I’m so grateful to the people who helped me on social media along the way. How cool is it that you can simply make a short video on Instagram saying “hi guys, I don’t understand what this means” and people help you out ? Here’s my Instagram account by the way. 
I didn’t make any change in the pattern this time. I was very careful in the process of copying the pattern right. I used size 44/46. There was no indication how to sew the collar so I did my best, practice will make it better but it’s much better than last time already, I used the proper technique and a small zizag stitch. And I used the proper double sewing needle for the hem.
Since I’ve finished sewing this t-shirt, I keep wearing it. Who knew that color would suit me ? Who knew I would find the right pattern for my body shape right away ?
The pattern was found in a magazine called Elena Couture n°50 published in 2012.

So now I want to sew many more t-shirt and have starting buying loads of stretchy fabrics !

Do you like sewing stretch fabrics ? Any tip ?


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