Frustrating knits

So, lately I decided to start knitting wearable clothes for myself.

I was very exited to knit pieces I could be proud of. I chose yarn I loved, spent hours browsing for patterns.

And now my hand hurts and I feel really depressed and I feel like putting all my knitting equipement in a box and quit.

I first did a cardigan, called summer wave cardi, by Vera Sannon, which was supposed to be very simple, quick and with a perfect fit. Quick yes, simple, ok, but the fit was awful. I absolutely can’t wear it outside. It’s ok for bedtime reading, but that’s not exactly what I had in mind when I decided to knit wearable clothes.





Then, for some reason I decided to stick to that designer, even though that first free pattern had disappointed me. I can’t believe I actually spent money to buy a pattern from her. It seems really lovely, a vintage top. It’s a complete nightmare. It’s written in gibberish, I spend most of my time frogging because instead of writing instruction row by row, it’s a mess of “at the same time” and “follow pattern”, which basically leads to “rewrite the whole pattern on your own”.




I thought I had dealt with the worst part, decided to try it on, and the fit is just laughable. I could seriously cry that I’ve spend the last days hurting my hands for something that looks so bad.

Now I need your help. Should I frogg it ? You can see all the details on my Ravelry page. Any idea to use DK coton/acrylic blend (3.5 to 5mm needles) for something wearable, easy and not looking stupid ? Or should I stick to it ? (I’m thinking about frogging the cardigan to, but frogging nearly two weeks of my life kinda pisses me off).

Do you ever get so frustrated ?

Raglan vintage blouse

I started sewing again, and right now I am working on a raglan blouse for myself. I hardly ever craft items for myself, but I decided to treat me instead of others for once.

The fabric is very transparent, light and printed in a vintage floral pattern. It’s not my usual style, but it was on sale, and it’s light enough for summer. Will have to wear a tank top or bathsuit underneath.

The pattern is from burda, and the french translation is cryptic to say the least, so I used my imagination and just put the pieces together with the traditional raglan method, where all the pieces are in circle around the collar.

I added some blue lace ribbon. The original pattern called for a glittery fabric but I wasn’t going to have any of that. Wearing white and blue is already a huge step out of my fashion comfort zone.


Little did I expect the collar pieces to be so tricky. I am disapointed as it ruins the garment, but the fabric is to fragile to unsew the pieces and try something else.
It’s ok in the end, you always learn in the process.
Just wish I had single easy patterns instead of the intricate magazine ones, where your eyes bleed trying to find pieces of the puzzle in this maze.




My little pieces shawl

I knit this shawl in a day and a half. I used circular 5mm knit pro needles and scraps of various yarns I could find in my stash. Completely improvised, but you can see there so much more than the needlework going on.

This shawl reflects my thoughts, my feelings, my memories. It may not look the nicest or whatever, but it’s just me, at a specific, and rather dark, moment of my life.

I casted on 9 stitches, then increased every other raw 3 stitches from the end of raw. The borders are basic garter stitch, the main body is a mix of stockinette and feather and fan.

knitting shawl

Before blocking : a mess

knitting a shawl

Block it like you mean it

Each yarn brought back memories.

The cream yarn is Bergère de France Perfection, a sock yarn containing wool and nylon. It was a gift from my yarn hero, so that I could practice. I never used until today, years later. Actually I’m going to pick up the phone and call her.

The self-stripping blue yarn is 100%wool from a local yarn shop. I used most of it for a preemie baby who is now a healthy toddler. I knit the baby cardigan incredibly quickly because he was born way too early and the family was going through rough times, and I remember I had to avoid crying while knitting it. I don’t have any pictures of that garment finished, but I had red marks all over my hands from knitting wool so fast.

The gray yarn is Katia Austral. I knit a hat with it, back in the days.

Gray hat Katia Austral

I tried the beginning of the wurm bonnet, then gave up and improvised something.

The self stripping orangey-purpley one is Fabel print from Drops I think. I used it to knit a Holden Shawlette that went really wrong. I think I never weaved in the ends of that one. I actually ended up at the ER with that project in my bag, so it was good to finally wash away the bad memories associated with that yarn.

drops fabel print holden shawlett

Batman gone wrong

I finished up the borders by adding a bit of crochet. Just to remember myself that actually I can do it.

The blocking process was amazing as usual.  I love how it always looks terrible before blocking, and then the butterfly is out of it’s shell and the beauty is revealed.

Do you ever improvised a project ? Do you feel like it reflects your mood ?

Order among my stash

yarn stash skein wool knitting

That moment you decide to list your whole knitting stash on Ravelry and find out that :

  • You have no clue what to knit with the yarn you currently have.
  • You don’t have the proper yarn to knit all the beautiful projects in your queue.

Please tell me I’m not alone !

Girl’s all in one orange sleeve top : wrong size !

Over six months without publishing anything here.  Life got in the way.

So in January, I was wondering wether to finish a cute orangey baby cardigan (Ravelry Project here) for my 2yo niece. I decided to finish it, and here it is :


Pattern is Girl’s all in one sleeveless top on Ravelry, size 4 to 6 years. Yes, I know .  Joke is, it didn’t fit a 2yo at all, it would only fit a 6 months old baby, with a weird ease. Good thing I went for the big size and I have a younger niece.

Yarns : Katia Peques in Salmon (apricot) et Orange Peach (Orange), lovely to knit. Rabbits buttons from Bergère de France.

layette tricot bordure tricotée

Border detail

Have you ever ended up with a baby outfit that wouldn’t fit ? How does it make you feel ?

Baby clothes sizing nightmare

I’m having a hard time finding out the right sizes to knit and sew baby clothes.

Maybe there are none. Maybe because each baby is different, there’s no universal truth when it comes to sizes.

I’m spending quite a lot of time knitting baby outfits, and sometimes it’s disappointing to see it’s too small for the baby already.

Now I’m wondering, should I finish a baby dress that looks too small compared to a T-shirt ?


Pattern is Girl’s all in one sleeveless top, size 4-6 years (t-shirt is 3 years) . I cast it on 4mm needles at first, as the pattern stated, but the size was way closer to a 6 years than to a 3-4 years. The 1-3 year old version would have been too small, so I cast the 4-6 year pattern on 3mm needles. I thought I was being smart, maybe not so much.

Yarn is Katia Peques in Salmon (Yellow) et Orange Peach, which is a lovely yarn to knit, soft and with awesome colors.

Have you ever stumbled upon that problem ? How did you solve it ?