That orangey yarn found solace in weaving

Remember that orangey yarn I couldn’t find use for ? I loved the color and texture, but it would make me look drained. Living in gloomy rainy Paris, I don’t really need to look more sick than I actually am. 

So I decided to switch of my brain, close the doors to doubts and fears, allow my creativity to ride free and embrace my flaws.

I wove the yarn. And I’m quite happy with the result ! Sometimes it takes a while to find the right project.

Sometimes it takes letting go of everything that is holding us back.



  1. Cathy, you decided on a great use for that yarn! And it’s a really nice color, too. Everyone has colors they don’t look great in–but you found a good use for this one, and it will look put *sunshine* on someone’s table… I like the way you don’t give up on things.

    • Thank you so much ! It’s now on an armchair, it brings a lovely touch of color to the room ! It’s so interesting how each yarn reveals a different potential with each different technique. Weaving appears to be a life saver for desperate yarns !

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