The Hemiplegic Migraine Scarf

So, I suffer from a rare neurological disease called Hemiplegic Migraine. And yes, I tick all the boxes below. Which sometimes makes life a little difficult. HMAnd sometimes I knit while being affected by brain fog, and the result is often an entangled mess. But this impromptu project turned out more interesting than usual :

  • First I finished it (after ripping it multiple times).
  • Second, it’s a mix of different patterns, not 100% delirium. I started with Tailwind, mixed with the lace pattern of Age of brass and there also some dents inspired by the HitchHiker pattern.
  • Third, these are colors I never wear, but I like the mix and I feel like wearing this scarf someday.
  • Fourth, this was a great stashbuster. I had the yellow cotton in stock for 10 years !

I learnt a lot knitting this :

I am going through a very hard time right now, but knitting something colorfull, free and fun really helped. But my wrists hurt like mad.

I learnt the I-chord border and I-chord bind off, so nice and such a great way of changing colors without the border being messed up ! This might encourage me to knit more stripes actually.

Ho yes, and blocking this thing was hilarious.

I don’t like talking about the disease, and how it destroyed my life, but I think it’s important to spread the word :

People who suffer from chronic illnesses are doing their best. The struggle is often invisible, the pain never stops and no, herbal tea is not a cure-all.
Actually, when we need to talk, we’re not asking you to find a solution. We probably went through it all already.
We just ask empathy, a non-judgmental friendly ear to listen. And often, we just want to talk about something else.
Like, you know, knitting.


Another cloudy sweater

IMG_8075.JPGSo I casted on this sweater in February 2016. Can’t believe it. Thanks Ravelry for keeping tracks.

I started this as a quick, easy sweater. I had previously completed one with the same yarn and pattern in just 10 days, you can see it here.

But for some reason, this one took me a very long time.

Mostly because I decided to make it a bit longer and add some ease for my hips.

Then I tried the sleeves over and over, but it was always way to loose. Original idea was to have long sleeves, then cut the middle to have a cardigan.

I gave up on long sleeves, I think raglan patterns don’t really work for flattering sleeves, and I improvised some ribs instead.

It’s not perfect. It’s actually rather bumpy. And I had to sew in a lot of ends, as I used a lot of small leftover balls of yarn. The dark one are from this shawl. Funny enough, I still have some yarn left.

I’m really pleased with the final result, it’s wearable, and that’s all I could have asked for. Sure next time I’ll have to figure out a better way to do stripes in the round and such. But I’m letting go of my perfectionism and actually finishing projects, so it’s all good.


A Hitchhiker shawlette

Today I feel like a real knitter. And a real blogger.

I feel like a real knitter because I’ve just finished knitting a pattern from a designer. I feel like I belong to some posh knitting club now. It reminds me of some knitting clubs I attended back in the days, where knitters looked down on me for knitting improvised shawls and using acryl. Not that I care about what people say, I’m going to knit anyway.

This time, I paid for a designer’s pattern and used expensive yarn. Just because I fancied making something nice for myself for once. I must say the result is gorgeous !

Ho, and I feel like a real blogger because I borrowed a camera and went to the park and tried to take pics of the shawlette. I’m a lousy photographer, and self-stripping yarn makes it pretty impossible to have a decent image, but I tried !

Pattern is Hitchhiker available here. Pretty easy, quick and fun, I finished it in 10 days, knitting mainly in public transportation. I wasn’t able to learn the pattern by heart so I wrote it down on a piece of paper that I kept with me. Garter stitch feels so soft and the shape works well around my neck. I did 36 dents (Dear, dear Arthur…) and used the not-so-pointy ending.

Yarn is Cascade Yarn Heritage Paint in Seattle Blue. The self-stripping does all the fun, I’m not sure the pattern would be so entertaining with a solid color.

Have you tried this pattern ? How did you feel when you made your first posh project ?


Basic orange mitts

Funny how that knitting mojo is everchanging. My mum asked for some mitts, we went to buy wool, and I knit those simple mitts in two afternoons. Super easy, pretty fun, in the round, no head-scratching. Every project should feel that rewarding.


Knitting pattern is Semplice Fingerless Mitts free here on Ravelry.

I stumbled upon another mitts pattern, much more technical this time : the Double Helix Mitts. I find the construction very interesting, but I don’t know if I’ll manage to keep focus enough to finish them. And I don’t want to start another project that may remain untouched for years in my drawers…  But they are pretty.

What do you think ?


Random spring thoughs

So, I’ve moved in again. I’ve moved places so often for years that I’ve lost track. Right now, it’s both peace and chaos around me. And like each time I feel I could be slightly panicking, I find myself tidying up. Then sitting down staring at the void. And all over again.

There’s a very inspiring post here just about that. Cleaning to give your life a fresh, new, hopeful start. Even though the dark clouds are still there, it’s the little things that make your day better.

I found an abandoned plant yesterday on my doorstep. I adopted it right away, and this morning I did a bit of gardening and tried to give it a decent environment. We’ll see if it thrives. It’s a Maranta Orbifolia I think.


I haven’t done much knitting. For some reasons, I decided to knit myself another sweater like this one, with the remaining yarn of this shawl. But it seems like my knitting mojo faded completely. Then last week my mum asked me to knit her some mitts, and I found myself completing one in an afternoon. Maybe I just enjoy knitting for others, not that much for myself ? Food for thoughts for a shrink. Anyway, the sleeve is way too wide so I have to rip it off and knit it again. Which will probably take me another year.IMG_6058.JPG

I’ve spun a little bit. Not much. And of course, I’m a bit disappointed by the result, because spinning with a spindle produces very little yardage. That moment when I start thinking it’s not worth it, it’s the sign my brain is off again and I should just go back to sleep.IMG_6039.JPG

Sometimes it’s good not to set goals and just follow your instinct. Because I’m a crafter doesn’t mean I have to create stuff everyday. Or I can allow myself to jump ships and learn other crafts. I’m free.

My gifts hats for those in need

When I knit for people who live in the streets, I try to go for quick, strechy and easy patterns. I want to be able to knit as many as possible, and knit something warm. No cobweb lace here.

For yarn, I try to avoid yarn that could itch or felt. Some yarns offer a good blend of acrylic and wool. Sometime all I have is soft acrylic. I’m still looking for the perfect mix.

So far, my favorite pattern is Jacques Cousteau Hat. It’s a ribbed hat, knit in the round, strechy enough, quick enough, but not too plain. It works well with numerous different yarns. I think I have done it 4 times already.

What yarn do you use ? What’s your favorite pattern ?


A cloudy sweater

So in august I wrote about my attempts to knit myself a sweater.

I’ve knit countless baby sweaters, and cardigans for family members, so I was comfortable with the techniques. I wanted something I could wear proudly. Something comfy, easy to wash, and I knew I really wanted to use that variegated Scheepjes SoftFun denim yarn.

I finally used a free Drops knitting pattern, in the round, easy and very quick. Done in less than two weeks.

It feels so good to wear, not only because the yarn is lovely, but also because it’s a good reminder that I overcame many obstacles to finally cherish this.

You can follow the making of this on the ravelry project page here.