Crocheting lace for the first time

So I always thought I was a mess at crochet. Then I found a youtube channel that explains everything so well, and the designs are so gorgeous, and I love lace so much, I couldn’t resist the urge to pick some yarn and give it a try.

crochet lace tape 5 sheru knitting

Pattern is : Lace Tape 5 by Sheru Knitting

Yarn is :   Catania solids (100% mercerized cotton)

Used a 3mm crochet.

I don’t know what to do with them, I initially wanted to do 3 and bind them together to make a doily, but don’t have enough yarn and can’t bind them in a nice way.

Someone suggested bookmarks, any other brilliant ideas ?

Do you crochet lace ?



  1. There’s a fan bookmark by Crocheteroo that I love and is quite similar to this but I’m not sure you could add a tail to ‘finish’ these. They look great! It looks like you’ve been crocheting lace far longer than a beginner.

    • Thanks for the reference, I’ll look into it ! The crazy thing is I can’t crochet basic granny squares for example. But the video tutorials of this lady are so great you end up with a pretty result even if you’re not good at crochet in the first place !

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