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Sewing a hedgehog for baby

Ok, it was supposed to look like a hedgehog, but maybe it looks more like a rat. A punk rat with a mohawk ?

Sewing funny ribbons on the fold creases.


A bit of machine embroidery

And the hedgehog comes to life !


What do you think ?



A pretty baby summer dress

A very light fabric with pink butterflies, liberty biais slightly contrasting, love this one ! And it’s being very useful during the heatwave !


Pattern : La couture pour bébé et tout-petits, éditions de Saxe, found in a lovely shop in paris called Lil’Weazel

Size : 70

Difficulty : Very easy. I used the automatic buttonholes machine program of my Brother Innovis 50. (Are you interested in a tutorial ?) 

Sewing a cube for baby

It’s a fantastic experience to try to think like a 7 months old baby and imagine what you’d like to play with. Right now my niece love grabbing and pulling ribbons, so I went for a lot of ribbons. I used different textures and fabrics to add more fun.


A little bit of sewing and there it goes !CIMG5199

Biais, machine embroidery, Ichords…

What toys do you sew ? Any nice pattern to share ?

Bergere de France baby cardigan n°5, never again

Sometimes I just fail. I was so exited about this pattern when I received the magazine in February. It seemed quick and easy, even for a first time knitting raglan. Dear me, I was so wrong.

Here you can see the differences on the pictures. It’s not just the stripe pattern, it’s the whole raglan neck construction that went wrong.
cardi5bdf fini

I spent hours cursing and doing all the maths again, frogging, knitting again. I never ended up with the right number of stitches. What’s the use to knit if you feel terrible instead of relaxed and proud ?

Yes, it was a free pattern, and some might say you can’t expect a free pattern to work well. But sometimes I wonder if the patterns published in magazines have been knit by something else then a computer. Knitting isn’t just about maths. At least on Ravelry people can tell you what went well, what was difficult, you’re not alone feeling stupid trying to understand what the pattern means.

I used crochet to finish the borders and make buttons, as I couldn’t even look at knitting needles anymore. I sewed the pieces together, with a sewing machine, yes. Too bored to do it the knitting way. The yarn is Bergere de France Caline in Couffin (dark pink) and Smoothie (lighter pink). At least the colors match pretty well.

Have you knit that one ? Have any experience when you just want to throw off the needles and go bake a cake instead ?