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A pretty baby summer dress

A very light fabric with pink butterflies, liberty biais slightly contrasting, love this one ! And it’s being very useful during the heatwave !


Pattern : La couture pour bébé et tout-petits, éditions de Saxe, found in a lovely shop in paris called Lil’Weazel

Size : 70

Difficulty : Very easy. I used the automatic buttonholes machine program of my Brother Innovis 50. (Are you interested in a tutorial ?) 


Knitting pic-nic !

Yesterday our group of knitters had a wonderful pic nic in Paris. It’s so cool to get to knot new knitters, discover new techniques, stare at people knitting so fast !

Right now I’m knitting a summer sweater, from a Katia summer catalog. Easy but not that quick. And probably way too wide. I’m trying to loose weight, so maybe I’ll have to cheat and sew it further from the borders so it fits better.


above, the original, below, me attempting not to improvise.


Hope I’ll have it done to wear it this summer. Thanks to the nice teacher there I learnt to join the yarn without knots, it’s awesome.
And This week we’re going to learn hairpin lace, can’t wait ! Have you ever tried it ?