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How to create a Tunisian Crochet DIY

So, I decided that I wouldn’t buy anything in 2018 when it comes to crafts. My health is getting worse and finances are a huge worry, so let’s use what we have in stock before buying anything. I also call this “forced minimalism”. I may write more about this someday. It’s not about deciding to change your lifestyle because you can (and because it’s trendy on social media), it’s about managing with what you have and being creative to avoid feeling depressed about it.

Long story short, mid-january I discovered Tunisian Crochet entrelac on Youtube, fell in love, and decided to try. But I don’t own a Tunisian Crochet and I don’t want to spend money on yet another technique that I may not like that much after a while.

So I created a tunisian crochet with a regular crochet, here’s how !

I haven’t started entrelac yet, but the basics of Tunisian Crochet are pretty fun and easy, I find it way more obvious than traditional crochet.

Have you tried tunisien crochet ? How do you like it ?


Learning to spin

IMG_5215.JPGSo, last year I met the lovely blogger from All she wants to do is knit and she kindly showed me how to spin. I didn’t succeed, but I loved it and decided to learn how to do it properly, one day.

In december, I took a spinning lesson. Loved it. But I wasn’t too sure about starting yet another hobby. So I put it aside, but it kept creeping back. Into my dreams, during dinner, at the grocery shop, I found myself thinking “could I spin that ?”.

So last saturday I bought a spindle in a lovely yarn shop in Paris.


 My very first homespun yarn rom spinning class and my brand new spindle !

And I started spinning.


Fibers ! The white one adds texture, the grey one is so soft !

At first, it was really bad and I nearly gave up.


Those moments it looks great on the spindle, but turns out lousy once you’re done.

I tried again, and it was a bit better but still disappointing.

And this morning, I decided I wouldn’t do anything (except breakfast, because I’m french and I worship food.) before managing to spin a half-decent yarn.

Yesterday’s yarn  was so loose, I spinned it again with a firmer twist. (Not very familiar with spinning vocabulary yet, you’ll have to help me out !)


Spun it again and turned out better.

Then I spun another yarn with the rest of fibers, again it was to loose so I re-twisted it and the result was a bit better :


Blurry picture of an uneven homespun yarn.

And then I spun those two yarn together with the andean method.


Loved this !

Two hours later, here it is. My precious, lovely, yarn. I love the pearly aspect, the mix of white and grey. I know it’s far from perfect but that feeling you get when you finally reach your goal is priceless.


Now, I’ve used up most of my fiber stash, so I need more fiber. Where do you buy your fibers ?


free Pdf file available for the garter stitch baby cardigan.

It’s not very different from printing it directly from the blog post here, but here’s the pdf file just in case.

Can’t seem to be able to link it to the ravelry project page properly.
Thanks to everyone knitting it, please send pics either by email here or on ravelry, I love seeing what other people do with it !
family baby cardigan garter stitch pdf file

garter stitch baby cardigan

Sewing a cube for baby

It’s a fantastic experience to try to think like a 7 months old baby and imagine what you’d like to play with. Right now my niece love grabbing and pulling ribbons, so I went for a lot of ribbons. I used different textures and fabrics to add more fun.


A little bit of sewing and there it goes !CIMG5199

Biais, machine embroidery, Ichords…

What toys do you sew ? Any nice pattern to share ?

Vintage baby dress

I love sewing, and I was quite surprised to find out I completely forgot to share my sewing projects on this blog. I love having multiple blogs, but sometimes it’s a bit overwhelming.

So last week I made a pile of things for my baby niece.

Let’s start with this baby dress. I made biais with golden linen, and used a vintage liberty fabric. The quality of that fabric is amazing, so different from the cotton I find in stores nowadays. There’s a weird story about that fabric.

A few months ago, a neighbour passed away. I would pop ut at his place from time to time to check on him, and it’s always hard to see people decline. The flat was emptied and soon there were boxes and bags full of stuff everywhere on the street. I saw fabrics in one of the trash bags, hesitated, and finally brought it home, just before a storm. It made me think of my neighbour’s deceased wife, but I quite didn’t know why. After a few inquiries, it was actually her stuff ! I don’t tend to believe in ghosts and everything, but it just felt like she had put a piece of her soul in the fabrics. And she had such a lovely taste.  Once everything was washed and ironed, I found I could use most of it, and I’ve always wanted to try to do something a bit old-fashioned.

robe bébé vintage

Buttons on the back of the dress.

I suppose some people might find it gross to use fabrics found in the street. But I’m a goth and the movement started with us making our clothes out of what was found in the garbage. At first I wasn’t too sure about using fabrics that used to belong to a deceased person, but since the heirs got rid of it, and she loved sewing, I though it would be a way to pay her a tribute.

Have you ever experimented something similar ?

Summer stripes for my baby niece

I needed something quick, funny, and challenging to enjoy knitting again. I found that lovely pattern called Presto Chango (love that name), and started it a few days ago with some yarn I’ve been trying to get rid of for ages, Aviso by Phildar. Good thing I kept it, the result is quite cheerful.

You can see how the project goes here : http://www.ravelry.com/projects/Agothtale/presto-chango

It was my first time casting on with two colors, I loved it !

CIMG5164Have you ever tried it ?

What’s your favorite casting on method by the way ? I only know 4 or 5, there’s probably so much more !