Froderick’s laughingbird scarf

So I’m just done blocking my second Laughingbird scarf this month. I never knit the same pattern twice, so I guess I really love this pattern.

I used Novena yarn by Lang Yarn, soft and easy to knit. Bought it in a little yarn shop in a little of nowhere, a french village with empty streets and a lot of rain. And the shop was closing, so I had to ask the lady to open for me before she said goodbye to her shop.20140214-152351.jpg

The colors reminded me of Froderick.

Froderick The Bat.

If you ever played A Vampyre Story, you might understand the pizza quote.

Tonight, I’ll be watching David Suchet portray Hercule Poirot, so I need to find a new knitting project…

A few more pics :

Before blocking :20140213-185457.jpg

blocked :20140213-185602.jpg

Close up, so many errors showing up, but I like it anyhow.