UK anyone?

Ok, so I am hoping to take a trip to the uk in june.
What should I visit?
Which yarn shop should I go to ?
I can’t drive so I will use trains.
My main interests are :
– Architecture
– History
– Plants
– Crafts of all sorts
– Libraries

I plan to go to London, Oxford and Manchester.
Any tips welcome!
( I am a celiac and poly allergic so any advice on local food appreciated!)


Random spring thoughs

So, I’ve moved in again. I’ve moved places so often for years that I’ve lost track. Right now, it’s both peace and chaos around me. And like each time I feel I could be slightly panicking, I find myself tidying up. Then sitting down staring at the void. And all over again.

There’s a very inspiring post here just about that. Cleaning to give your life a fresh, new, hopeful start. Even though the dark clouds are still there, it’s the little things that make your day better.

I found an abandoned plant yesterday on my doorstep. I adopted it right away, and this morning I did a bit of gardening and tried to give it a decent environment. We’ll see if it thrives. It’s a Maranta Orbifolia I think.


I haven’t done much knitting. For some reasons, I decided to knit myself another sweater like this one, with the remaining yarn of this shawl. But it seems like my knitting mojo faded completely. Then last week my mum asked me to knit her some mitts, and I found myself completing one in an afternoon. Maybe I just enjoy knitting for others, not that much for myself ? Food for thoughts for a shrink. Anyway, the sleeve is way too wide so I have to rip it off and knit it again. Which will probably take me another year.IMG_6058.JPG

I’ve spun a little bit. Not much. And of course, I’m a bit disappointed by the result, because spinning with a spindle produces very little yardage. That moment when I start thinking it’s not worth it, it’s the sign my brain is off again and I should just go back to sleep.IMG_6039.JPG

Sometimes it’s good not to set goals and just follow your instinct. Because I’m a crafter doesn’t mean I have to create stuff everyday. Or I can allow myself to jump ships and learn other crafts. I’m free.

A Blizzard of love

Today I received the most unexpected gift ever.

Months ago, when I read about the Sandy HookSnowflake operation, I sat at my desk and made a pile of snowflakes, trying not to shed tears on them. I know what it’s like going back to school after a mate gets murdered and I know you never heal. But I thought it was a lovely idea to try to send some love and comfort to the kids and families.


 I can’t believe the Sandy Hook Elementary School PTA  spread so much positive energy and I’m really moved by their card. Thank you.

Sometimes we believe there’s nothing we can do.
Well, seems like a bit of love and paper is always better than nothing.

Today my heart bleeds for Spain, where I spent so much time. Spain is the only place where I feel like home. And now I don’t know what to do to help…