5KCBDAY7 Done that, want this

I’ve learn a lot since last year.

I gave up crochet, as my eyes can’t squint that well anymore. I can knit without watching the project, even with my eyes closed, but I can’t crochet without staring at the project.

I’m done knitting my first socks (you can find the project on ravelry, very simple pattern, and free, and the wool is lovely and cheap too) and I can’t wait to start new socks, possibly involving lace, such as Kalajoki or Twinkleberry.

I need to get better at managing my stash. I keep forgeting which yarn I have. Now I have an entire cube of baby yarn. More babies on the way, so prepare to see more layette here.

Next year…

I’d love to have knit a Kraken Cowl (to show off my geek side).

Kraken Cowl

And finish up all my UFOs…

Thanks to everyone who took part to this wonderful edition of knitting blog week, can’t wait to read you all ! You can follow me on Facebook here by the way !


5KCBWDAY6 : On others, on myself, and globally, on knitting.

I admire so many knitters. Some in my family, some I met during knitting clubs, some I follow on Ravelry…

I love the fact that with the same basic tools, each of us can create a different item, with it’s own backstory and it’s own future.

Some knit to forget, some knit to meet new people. Some knit to create, others knit to bring comfort to others.


It’s a bit similar to make-up. If you give the same products and brushes to 10 make-up artists, you’ll have 10 different uses.

I started knitting at about 7 yo, and everyone was always very kind to me regarding knitting.

Even when I would knit my mother some itchy and shapeless scarves, she would proudly wear them at work.

Whenever  I’m not super happy with the baby clothes I knit, I still receive adorable pictures of the garment worn. (For personal reasons I decided never to publish pictures of babies and children on my websites, so I try to photograph the layette before it’s packed and send. And sometimes I forget and can’t show off about it on the blog. That’s ok.)

goth baby knit black and white

Sometimes, knitting brings me funny adventures.

When knitting my goth baby cardigan in black and white stripes, the old man in front of me in the metro stared at me, mesmerized, his eyelids heavier and heavier and he fell soundly asleep.

Often, children point my project and ask what I’m doing, and then stare at the project growing and growing on my needles. Girls and boys alike.

I feel really lucky to have received that heritage and to be part of the renewal of knitting !

Terrible Yarn – A video with a guitar and a sock and a possibility to win something #5KCBWDAY5

Day 5 : something different

“Something different” is always my favourite day of knitting blog week. In 2012 I wrote a poem, last year I composed a song.

This year I had next to no time to prepare my knitting blog week posts, so I made this :

The thing is, the first one to find the original song and writer wins something !

This is  a bit different because I never talk about music here, even though it’s been a big part of my live. And I never make people win stuff. So here, this is me still being poor at playing guitar, but who cares, there’s a sock in progress on it. And lace and my fav goth outfit.

No guitar was hurt in the process. The sock is currently recovering.

Can’t wait to see your somewhat different post !

A sock’s dating profile (5KCBWDAY2)

Marguerite (Knit, Fr, 4 days)

Soft and radiant, I’m cuddly but not itchy.

I self-strippe too, and dont require any sewing, which makes me both cute and practical.

chaussetteLikes : Wrapped around you in bed, I bring you warmth and peace. I’m good at playing the piano (well, the pedals, ok, but it still counts !), and I love when my owner stretches her toes.

Dislikes : Wild temperature swings. I’m too afraid to felt. And dogs and cats too, as I feel like something bad may happen to me if I end up in their mouth.

I’m planning to become a model and lead the next generation of socks. Socks are good, socks are warm, everyone needs a sock in their life.

Can’t wait to read your profiles !

A day in the life of a baby cardigan nearly finished. (knitting blog week 2014 – day 1) 5KCBWDAY1

version française ici

Nearly finished, that’s the point.

My maker totally loves digging into piles of knitting patterns and crowls into her yarn basket like a happy wombat, but she hates weaving in all those pieces of thread.

And I have plenty. Like, really, a lot. A bunch. Too many.


Not my fault if She chose a pattern with lots of sewing, weaving in, so on and so forth. Maybe I should tell her to knit seamless projects, like this one. Seamless is fun, seamless is good for you.

The baby I was knit for was born a bit early, so there was a bit of a rush to finish me. So I used my special powers so that my maker would get the whole thing done. One hour with the sewing machine to sew me (and for some reason she uses tweezers too, don’t ask), and then, there was all my threads left.

So I took her to this beautiful location, and she happily weaved in all my little pieces of thread.

allée fleurie sous arche

Et voilà !

brassière bébé noeud

How do you magically push your makers to finish you ?

Can’t wait to read you all !