In spite of thunder, we remain knitters


Knitting takes more time.
Crochet takes more yarn.

Knitting cliks,
Crochet picks.
Knitting is pretty and easy,
Crochet feels free.

Knitting needles lost in my bed
and hooks stuck in my hair
Pieces of yarn all over
and so many projects in my head

I think I like them both
Sometime they make me laught
They get me creative all the same
They’re always there when I need them

pink crochet
Crochet Pink Squares to learn

and Knit Baby Blanketts for fun

Thank you everyone for
this amazing week, I have discovered so many great blogs (and have so
much catching up to do now).

The world might be a mess
We knitters are blessed
In spite of thunder
we knit together


The thrill of skills / 3KCBWDAY6

3KCBWDAY6 improving your skillset

I’ve been knitting since I was 7 years-old, alterning intense knittings periods to completely forgeting my needles.
Each time I would move house or get a new job, I would buy knitting needles and yarn, watch confusing videos on youtube, and then drop it.

Last year I decided to knit again, but found out that everything I thought I knew was technically wrong.
I have always been messing right for left, and though my knitting technique was rather unique, the result was pretty ugly.

So I borrowed my mum’s knitting bible, «Reader’s Digest Selection», and got myself to learn all the basics again.
And I found “Stitch and Bitch” in a second-hand shop.

And then I could not get it out of my head.

I learned cables, and I love them to death.
I learnt lace and a lot of funny stitches.
And I started knitting for babies.

cute baby socks
(So tiny, so cute, so addictive. wonderful pattern here)

And I even got to learn crochet !
Crochet was always a nightmare to me, but after months of learning with this wonderful book, I’m starting to make things.
Well, I mean, trying to.

goth messy black thing
 (it’s handmade, it’s black, it’s messy, and there are holes in it, so it qualifies for goth, right ?)

I bought circular needles, but still need to find a way to avoid breaking them.

I still have so much more to do :

  • Improve my crochet skills and crochet myself a lovely summer cardigan like this one.
  • Learn to knit socks !! I want my purple and teal socks !
  • Try top-down patterns.
  • Try to save the economy by buying yarn to little local companies such as Bellelaine and Fonty.
  • Buy more yarn. As ravelers say, there’s no such thing as too much yarn.
  • Get all the new Stitch n Bitch books.

My Yarn Hero

day 3 knitting week 2012

She’s old and wise
She can knit any size.
She has crafted everything
from neutral to bling-bling.

She’s been knitting her whole life
For friends and family alike
and tho she lost sight
she still counts her stitches right.

If you bring her love and yarn
She’ll crochet you something in no time.
But if you want a big snuggy sweater
You’d better wait until winter.

She has moutains of old patterns
and can spend the day searching among them.
She got me into yarn catalogs
and thanks to her I’m in love.

She loves to teach and loves to share
And I thank the KnitGod she’s there.

Talking about yarn
catalog love :

yarn catalog

knitting and crochet blog week 2012

Black vs Color (Knitting Blog Week)

knitting blog week 2012 day 1

knitting and crochet blog week 2012

Funny how knitting changed my choice of colors. As a good old goth, i
used to dress in black and sometimes a little purple and aubergine.

I would knit black, but would soon drop.

Knitting black feels boring and painful when you discover how easier it
is to knit colors. You know, when you can actually see where your knit
and when you messed up.

So I decided to go knit beige merinos wool instead of black acrylic,
and was happilly knitting ever after.
I started wearing teal and grey and beige, without feeling un-gothed.

Right now, I’m knitting white (a color I used to be scared of), a
lovely fluffy spanish baby yarn called Nuvole
and I’m loving it.

I went from knitting this :
litaines goth
to this :


rainbow pocket knit