The Hemiplegic Migraine Scarf

So, I suffer from a rare neurological disease called Hemiplegic Migraine. And yes, I tick all the boxes below. Which sometimes makes life a little difficult. HMAnd sometimes I knit while being affected by brain fog, and the result is often an entangled mess. But this impromptu project turned out more interesting than usual :

  • First I finished it (after ripping it multiple times).
  • Second, it’s a mix of different patterns, not 100% delirium. I started with Tailwind, mixed with the lace pattern of Age of brass and there also some dents inspired by the HitchHiker pattern.
  • Third, these are colors I never wear, but I like the mix and I feel like wearing this scarf someday.
  • Fourth, this was a great stashbuster. I had the yellow cotton in stock for 10 years !

I learnt a lot knitting this :

I am going through a very hard time right now, but knitting something colorfull, free and fun really helped. But my wrists hurt like mad.

I learnt the I-chord border and I-chord bind off, so nice and such a great way of changing colors without the border being messed up ! This might encourage me to knit more stripes actually.

Ho yes, and blocking this thing was hilarious.

I don’t like talking about the disease, and how it destroyed my life, but I think it’s important to spread the word :

People who suffer from chronic illnesses are doing their best. The struggle is often invisible, the pain never stops and no, herbal tea is not a cure-all.
Actually, when we need to talk, we’re not asking you to find a solution. We probably went through it all already.
We just ask empathy, a non-judgmental friendly ear to listen. And often, we just want to talk about something else.
Like, you know, knitting.


More hats for the homeless

Since December, I started giving my hats to an association directly. I’ve also decided to be a mit more vocal about it, and people have been kind enough to join me.

You might have read about my homeless hat story somewhere. Due to personal reasons, I had to ask for my story to be erased from the hosting website.

But long story short, there’s a massive refugee crisis in Europe right now. And it’s freezing cold. So on top of an increasing amount of homeless people, we also have refugees who are scared and lost and, let’s tell the truth, not decently treated. Right now I’m helping two families from Sudan who don’t speak a word of French.

So, because I’m a rebel and it’s illegal to help them, I knit more and more hats. Just casted on the 10th hat today since december 1st. Because people are so cool, they help and send me leftover yarn. My faith in humanity is restored thanks to knitters, crocheters, crafters.

So if you want to help, you can join our Ravelry Group here.

If you want to start helping in your own hometown, please do. I know you might think it’s just a drop in the ocean. But believe me, giving someone a home-made item means a lot. And you’ll be surprised how many people are willing to help you. Sometimes it just takes some communication skills and a bit of yarn really.

Preparing for a french knitting fair in Paris this week end !

Hi everyone !

Just a quick word to say I’m really exited to be a part of l’Aiguille en fête, a fair gathering needles crafts in Paris. I’ll at stand G9.3 with Addicted2knit this week end. Come and say hello !

This year my resolution was to avoid buying fabrics and yarn and you know, all those lovely colorfull stuff we use for our magic. I’m pretty sure my will is going to yield, and I’m going to buy plenty of yarn this week-end.

How do you prepare for knitting fairs ? Do you write down a list of the patterns/yarns you want ?

A pretty baby summer dress

A very light fabric with pink butterflies, liberty biais slightly contrasting, love this one ! And it’s being very useful during the heatwave !


Pattern : La couture pour bébé et tout-petits, éditions de Saxe, found in a lovely shop in paris called Lil’Weazel

Size : 70

Difficulty : Very easy. I used the automatic buttonholes machine program of my Brother Innovis 50. (Are you interested in a tutorial ?) 

Knitting in Public funny stories #1

I love knitting in public. I’ve done quite a lot of so-called ridiculous stuff in public in my life, so I really don’t care. I used to sing video games music themes, a cappella, in public parcs in Paris, so knitting in public is a piece of cake. And it’s always very interesting to see how people react to that.

This week, I was knitting my very colorful baby cardigan in the suburbian train near Paris. Everybody is always depressed and moody, and there’s often horrible and loud music so you need to escape somehow. A 60 years old punk guy approached me, said “Do you speak french”, I nodded, and he said that what I was doing was great. That was unexpected and really funny. Funny because you expect punks to love knitting, and funny because once again I’ve been mistaken for a tourist.

The cardigan is finished now, will publish it once the mother receives it. I quite liked it, but I’m planning to do a new one with less seaming, and no seed stitch. I hate seed stitch. I’ll use garter stitch instead, and probably Drops Paris yarn.

I’m knitting a lot of gauges at night when I can’t sleep, improvising new stitches. I should take pics before ripping them off, so somebody might recognize them and give me the “official” name.

How to have me wanting to run out of a yarn shop (true story)

I’m a knitter. I love yarn. Therefore I should love shopping at yarn shops right ?

I don’t know if it’s something really specific to Paris, but we have some yarn shops here that really depress me.

I hesitate to open the door (if possible, heavy and opaque), inside the atmosphere is as cold as a Porcupine Tree show (basically, people staring at you like you’re sh°t anyway), messages everywhere remembering you to not touch the yarn (or they are probably going to take you somewhere scary and knit you to death), poor lightning, and of course, unfriendly salespersons. Who knit in the shop. So if you dare asking questions, they sight, put done the project (usually something posh and expensive), barely answer and just cash the money. No idea which colors could match, no idea what yarn to use for babies. And of course no pattern catalog to match the yarn, you have to enter the shop with your pattern, or at least already have in mind exactly what it is you want.

Just makes me want to run away. Away from yarn. Can’t believe it. Me, a girl who sometimes gets out of bed at night to pick up yarn in her stash and squiiiish it with a crazy smile. If you’re a knitter, a crocheter, any yarn addict, you probably know the feeling.

I love yarn, but I don’t like people who make me feel uncomfortable. I’m not shy (hey, remember I even sung a knitting song ?), I’m very polite (I used to sell make-up, so yes I know how customers can behave), I’m not messy nor loud. I’m the perfect customer, please be nice with me, do your job, make me want to buy all that epic yarn instead of feeling like this is a fuzzy, wooly, itchy version of hell.

Any terrible yarn shopping experience to cheer me up?