Origami : how folding paper keeps my anxiety at bay

I started origami when I was about 8 years old. I received a book for Christmas,
and some square paper and that’s all it took.
It has helped me tremendously as a child, as a teenager, as an adult.
Whenever I start feeling nervous, I’ll grab a napkin and fold a little something.

It’s one of those crafts where it’s not that much about the finish item, it’s about enjoying the journey to create the item.
It’s about making mistakes and learning how to fix them. It’s about failing and knowing it’s ok and trying again.
It’s about being proud of what you have achieved because you know all the hard work it took to avoid tearing that thin sheet of paper.

I fold this little guy in a kimono whenever I’m nervous. Works great with a random napkin during a long family meal. I love folding those boats, the final step is incredible.
origami box
Quite a traditional little box.
origami box
A stylish box. There’s a video tutorial here : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3TWiMfHwxwM
origami heart
A heart, because it always make people smile. Video tutorial here : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c8xAFBeJJUA
butterfly origami
Butterfly in a beautiful marble paper. This one was the very first one where I used scissors. I survived. I was such a freeing experience. Why did I refuse to cut origamis all these years ?
origami belt notch
I learnt to fold this belt notch at 8yo. It’s part of a succession of folding, you can then transform it into a boat. I would fold one and run to show it to my grand father who couldn’t understand the trick. Always remind me of him.

Have you ever tried origami ? What’s your favourite ?



    • I only know those two boxes, definitively planning on learning more, what’s your favorite ? Teaching origami must have been a great experience !

  1. I learned origami from my dad who was self-taught and learned from a library book. It was one of his favorite ways to de-stess also! We used to work through the extensive chapter on wild animals together: tigers, lions, giraffes, zebras to name a few. Wish I had kept them now! I love the simple heart and beautiful butterfly.

  2. My mother bought me an origami book when I was little, and I could do simple shapes by first grade (ages 6-7). My first grade teacher invited me back each year to teach the first graders for the rest of my time in elementary school. But it took me forever to learn how to do the crane.

    Yours are all lovely, but I really like the belt notch!

    • That’s so cool of your teacher ! I love the belt notch too. Wish I had the proper equipment to film a video tutorial to show how it’s done, I always feel like a magician when folding this one !

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