That orangey yarn that matched no project

Sometimes you try, and try, and fail, until you fail harder and learn from your mistakes.

I’ve knit about 25 hats and cowls and scarves for the homeless in 2017, but I only have one hat for myself, and it doesn’t cover my hear and it’s too low on my eyes… improvising comes at a price : the final hat isn’t the best I can come up with.

So, I decided to knit myself a hat. I realized my stash wasn’t that furnished when it comes to yarn warm enough for hats. I’m on complete no buy mode, so I have to use whatever I have already. So I picked up this hand dyed vivid orangey yarn, it’s DK blue faced, I got it 4 years ago while working at a knitting fair in Paris.

hand dyed yarn
Apple&Pears DK yarn, blue face merino, by Addicted2knit

And I casted on 84 stitches and knit 2×2 ribs, as you do. Then, for some reasons, I remembered the funny construction of the Wurm Bonnet and decided to try to replicate that folding without properly counting stitches. Then I kept knitting mindlessly. And then I tried it on and realized it wouldn’t fit, again.
It’s too small and the ribbing is crooked, and it just doesn’t look right.

There’s something wrong with this.

So I’m frogging it. And looking for a free pattern that matches. I’ve already tried ravelry several times. Also I have to check the patterns I already have, I often forget those…

Frog it lil frog

I know realize the color does make me look really pale and sick. So maybe I won’t use this yarn for a hat after all. But I can try and knit a scarf. I like scarves.
I have some autumn-like, dark orange yarn left over from mittens I knit for my mum. Funny how some yarns seem to wait for their wooly soulmate to finally display their inner beauty.

Yarn matching. Is there a tinder for yarn ?
I really tried. And I really failed. Again. See for yourself.

I love Ichord borders so I incorporates that to the improvised design.
I guess I can’t, for the life of me, stick to a pattern. This design is some sort of mix between the Wingtail and the Hitchhiker. In DK yarn. Not the most delicate project ever.

Still, I wasn’t too sure. I asked around and was told it didn’t really match.

I guess no Valentine’s day for this yarn!


Anyway, I’ll put it aside for some time.
Any idea what to make of this yarn ?
Do you sometimes struggle with similar situations ? (Please, I can’t be the only one !)



  1. Yep, I’ve done that more often than I like. But how can you be creative without trying things?? There is hat pattern that I really enjoy knitting–it’s a hat for a premature baby, but size can be easily increased up to adult. What you do is cast on MORE stitches to make it tall enough for your head and also knit more sections til it looks and feels right. And you might have to try it a couple of times to get the fit, but it’s done with short rows and is therefore (in my opinion) fun to knit. I found the pattern in some forum comment when I was looking for patterns for preemies and copied it without noting what forum. Otherwise I’d just send you the link…:(

    The very last line is a note I made for myself about a hat I made from this pattern.

    So here it is just as written in the forum comment:

    This idea did not originate with me. I first saw it on an episode of “The Carol Duvall Show” on HGTV. Carol says a viewer in the 70’s sent her the pattern and she converted it from a knitted ball to an
    easy knitted hat. I used her concept to make what I think is a perfect hat for tiny premature babies.
    –Becky Zec

    Materials: Acrylic Baby Fingering Yarn and size 3 knitting needles
    Cast on 28 stitches.
    Row 1: Knit all 28 stitches, turn.
    Row 2: Knit to within 8 stitches of the end (you’ll knit 20 stitches),
    turn work and knit back to beginning of row. Turn.
    Row 3: Knit to within 6 stitches of the end (you’ll knit 22 stitches),
    turn work and knit back to beginning of row. Turn.
    Row 4: Knit to within 4 stitches of the end (you’ll knit 24 stitches),
    turn work and knit back to beginning of row. Turn.
    Row 5: Knit to within 2 stitches of the end (you’ll knit 26 stitches),
    turn work and knit back to beginning of row. Turn.
    Row 6: Knit all 28 stitches, turn work.
    Repeat Rows 1-6 of the pattern 9 times for a total of 10 sections.
    Cast off leaving a long tail of yarn. Fold knitted piece in half
    and sew the two sides together to 0form the hat. Be sure to run
    yarn through stitches at top of hat to close.

    If a bigger preemie hat is wanted then use baby yarn and size 6
    needles. Knit a total of 11 sections. Also, casting on a few more stitches will give a
    longer hat for turning up into a wider brim.”

    My own note: For a 2 year old cap, I used worsted and I think with size 6 needles, cast on 32 stitches and made 12 sections. For bigger hats, cast on more stitches and make more sections.

    hope you have fun trying this one!

  2. p.s. This hat is knitted vertically in garter stitch with short rows to shape the top. Maybe some would say it’s knitted “sideways”…..

  3. Ohhh dear: I think I managed to comment on the wrong post. I was trying to comment on That orangey yarn that matched no project. I hope you see it… Sheesh.

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