Crafty 2018 !

It seems crazy that we are here to welcome yet another year beginning. I feel so lucky and blessed. It was hard to make it through 2017, but I made it.

And I also made a whole lot of knitting, crocheting, weaving, spinning,sewing, that I never had the time to post here, because I have way to many blogs and no time to for them. Even set up youtube channels but I don’t have the proper equipment to film nor the time to edit all of this. For those who manage to do it, how do you do it (I don’t have a handy life companion to film/edit/take pictures and so on.)

What do you guys think ? should I keep blogging here even if it’s only a few times a year ? Would you be more interested in a Youtube channel ? I’m not showing my face on the internet so I’d have to find a way, but I guess it’s possible.

I feel like I want to talk about so much stuff, yet end up forgetting about most of it because the blogging process is so long and complex, I need to write on the computer then reach for my ipod to upload pics, then go back to the computer to make it all look nice.

And I want to have more time to craft and less time swearing at computer screens. Life is too short.

I tried a very funny exercice : each time my computer or Ipod loads something I get up and do something else. You wouldn’t believe how productive and creative you become when you stop waiting for a page to load on a stupid screen.

Anyway, I wish you all a very crafty 2018 ! Do you have any wishes ? Do you plan on trying new techniques ?


4 thoughts on “Crafty 2018 !

    • I like having this blog as a little quiet place with no pressure. But sometimes I wish I could have more interactions with people. I set up youtube channels, one in french and one in english, only posted in french so far, but man that was a massive waste of time. I don’t have the proper equipment (and no budget to invest on that) so it takes forever to end up with crappy videos. That’s the french one : .

  1. I enjoy reading your posts, even if there aren’t a lot of them. (It’s not like I’ve been posting a lot myself lately.) I don’t go on YouTube much, so I probably wouldn’t see your channel, even if you were putting stuff on the English one. But only do the blogging if you’re enjoying it, not because you feel obliged to!

    • I think it’s the key to everything, not just the internet, we forget to enjoy ourselves ! I don’t want to do something for the sake of it, so I’ll just follow my instinct on this one

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