Feeling all loomy and happily weaving


That’s it. I’ve achieved a childhood’s dream. I am now the proud owner of a loom.

As a child, I was fascinated by shuttles made of bones in archeologic museums.
I read about textile techniques a lot. I had a couple of weaving toys as a child.

So when my birthday came up, I thought I’d ask for something I’ve wanted for a really long time : a loom. Real deal. I chose a rigid heddle loom, 30cm Ashford’s knitters loom. Directly from New Zealand ! I wish I could visit this country someday… not just for the landscapes and the Lord of the Rings movie sets, but also to learn more about local crafts.

So, I’ve been weaving rainbows….

and a few scarves for homeless people.

I love how the creativity of weaving. And how quick it can be to finish a project. You can weave a scarf in a few hours.

Have you ever tried weaving ? Would you like to give it a try someday ?
Ever been to New Zealand ?



Anything to say ? Comment here !

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