Spinning project : The sylven elves of Mirkwood

I’m not very good at keeping up with chronology. Instead of publishing each FO, I just randomly pick up projects and write about them here.

I started this spinning project yesterday. I heard a very sad news, and I started spinning to keep anxiety at bay. I chose to spin Massan wool and I addded a bit of a green mix. I’ll write a whole haul post about the fiber I bought, but maybe it would be more interesting to also review each of them, so I’m not rushing it.

I’m a huge fan of the Lord of the Rings and of the Hobbit. Yes, I might be one of the very few people who actually enjoyed those movies so much they even have the extended edition of the battle of the five armies. Never enough dwarves, you know. Because of epilepsy, I can’t spend much time on screens, so I watch them bits by bits and it’s always a joy to go back to these sceneries.

In the book, I really liked the forest. Somehow, I think it had an heavy influence on this yarn. I didn’t decide that I was going to do an elvish yarn, it just came up this way. It means a lot both in reality and in fiction.

White can represent both the spiders cocoons and the winter we are leaving. For some reason, white has always been the color of death for me.

Green can represent the color of the sylven elves, but also the spring, and hope for a better future.

Anyway, here it is for now.



Those are singles. I don’t know if I should tie them together and go for an andine bracelet or if I should twist them together. Given that I didn’t weight nor mesure them. And that I love it so much I’d love to have more quantity to maybe be able to knit something with it.

And, of course, some sylven elves. And dwarves, and spiders.



  1. I’m a Tolkien fan, too (although I like the books better). I love that you see so much in the yarn you are making. I haven’t had the guts to keep any of my spinning as singles — I’m afraid they might fall apart, so I always ply them. Yours would look great either way.

    • I really love the description of the sylven elves in the book, when they keep partying and disappearing all the time. The movie took a different creative direction, but I think this yarn is more about the elves from the book. I love telling myself stories about what I’m making ! I’m afraid the single thread wouldn’t be strong enough, I’m still a beginner so the twist is not always even. I think I’ll ply it, but first I’m spinning more of it, the skein is growing everyday !

    • Funny how it just popped into my head that this particular green was really an elvish green (I’ve spent quite some time watching the bonuses on how they design the costumes for the elves, so it probably had some impact on me), and that this fuzzy white reminded me of spider cocoons… I always find the theatre versions of Peter Jackson’s movies to be weirdly cut and sometime uncomfortable to watch, and the extended version settles everything down and the transitions are so much better.

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