Learning to spin

IMG_5215.JPGSo, last year I met the lovely blogger from All she wants to do is knit and she kindly showed me how to spin. I didn’t succeed, but I loved it and decided to learn how to do it properly, one day.

In december, I took a spinning lesson. Loved it. But I wasn’t too sure about starting yet another hobby. So I put it aside, but it kept creeping back. Into my dreams, during dinner, at the grocery shop, I found myself thinking “could I spin that ?”.

So last saturday I bought a spindle in a lovely yarn shop in Paris.

 My very first homespun yarn rom spinning class and my brand new spindle !

And I started spinning.

Fibers ! The white one adds texture, the grey one is so soft !

At first, it was really bad and I nearly gave up.

Those moments it looks great on the spindle, but turns out lousy once you’re done.

I tried again, and it was a bit better but still disappointing.

And this morning, I decided I wouldn’t do anything (except breakfast, because I’m french and I worship food.) before managing to spin a half-decent yarn.

Yesterday’s yarn  was so loose, I spinned it again with a firmer twist. (Not very familiar with spinning vocabulary yet, you’ll have to help me out !)

Spun it again and turned out better.

Then I spun another yarn with the rest of fibers, again it was to loose so I re-twisted it and the result was a bit better :

Blurry picture of an uneven homespun yarn.

And then I spun those two yarn together with the andean method.

Loved this !

Two hours later, here it is. My precious, lovely, yarn. I love the pearly aspect, the mix of white and grey. I know it’s far from perfect but that feeling you get when you finally reach your goal is priceless.


Now, I’ve used up most of my fiber stash, so I need more fiber. Where do you buy your fibers ?




  1. Spinning is something I’ve avoided because I’d probably obsess over it the way I’ve obsessed over knitting, and buy all kinds of fiber and spindles, and then a spinning wheel, and then my husband will divorce me. So. Yeah. Not going to learn to spin. I love seeing what other people make, though! And that pearly white and gray yarn is lovely.

    • I know! I resisted the urge but I finally gave in to temptation! Spent hours spinning, haven’t even thought about knitting today! And I bought fibers… The joy of being single!

  2. Way to go sticking with it! I’ve been spinning for a few years now (off and on) and still have plenty of uh-oh moments. My seriously experienced spinning friends say: Just spin it and knit with it and keep at it. So I am trying that.

    As for where I get my fiber: some yarn shops also carry fiber (be prepared to be seduced by gorgeously dyed stuff — yummy!). And I go to an annual sheep and fiber festival held in Estes Park, CO, where lots of vendors show up selling everything from fleece to finished yarn. A great place to find lots of different fiber sources, including rare sheep breeds.

    I’m also taking a Craftsy class on drafting. She’s very clear and precise and I’m practicing one technique at a time, trying to improve. I think practice (with the occasional insightful advice from someone who knows what they are doing) really helps.

    • I’ve spun yet another yarn meanwhile and yes, practice really helps ! I found fiber on the web, but can’t wait to hunt for local producers.
      I wouldn’t have managed it without a proper 3 hours class by an experienced spinner. Youtube isn’t enough sometimes.
      Now what scared me a little is that I haven’t thought about knitting at all, it feels like I completely lost my knitting addiction ! Hope it will pass because I have so much stuff to finish !

      • Classes have helped me, too, just to learn what to do and what not to do, but a bunch of it has been me practicing.
        I also alternate: I’m either spinning or knitting. I can’t seem to do both at the same time (i.e., both activities on the same day). The good news: Spin enough and you will have yarn you need to use up, and you will have to get out your knitting needles!

      • I’ve managed to take my needles again and finish my WIP. Now, my wrist is really sore so I decided to do nothing for a few days to see if the spinning/knitting is responsible for the pain. And now that I’ve decided not to knit, I want to knit ! I’m staring at my holst garn skeins and imagining lace shawls…

      • I try to spend as little time as possible on screens due to epilepsy (which is also why this blog hasn’t been kept up to date through the years !), so I don’t think it’s related. I’ve had issues with sore hands or elbows in the past because of intensive knitting so I know it’s better to take some time off. The pain is already better.

  3. That came out beautifully! It took me a long time to get the hang of spinning, but I kept at it because there are so many beautiful fibers out there. I personally like hand-dyed fibers, and get most of mine from Etsy. Also love Fondant Fibres.

  4. Hows your spinning going these days? I just stumbled across this post again. So happy I could get you going on spinning and that you’re enjoying it!

    • Hi ! I love it ! It’s so effective for nerves too. I still have the same beginners spindle and I will need help to choose a new one. I’m trying different wools and fibers, but haven’t knitted anything out of my handspun yarn. I did some dying, have to post about that ! Hope you are ok. and thanks again !

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