A cloudy sweater

So in august I wrote about my attempts to knit myself a sweater.

I’ve knit countless baby sweaters, and cardigans for family members, so I was comfortable with the techniques. I wanted something I could wear proudly. Something comfy, easy to wash, and I knew I really wanted to use that variegated Scheepjes SoftFun denim yarn.

I finally used a free Drops knitting pattern, in the round, easy and very quick. Done in less than two weeks.

It feels so good to wear, not only because the yarn is lovely, but also because it’s a good reminder that I overcame many obstacles to finally cherish this.

You can follow the making of this on the ravelry project page here.



  1. This looks fantastic. My advice: when you find a sweater pattern that works for you, make it again! My two favorite sweaters that I’ve knit myself are from the same pattern, but thanks to the yarn choices, they look pretty different.

    • I do want to knit this one again, so rewarding! I am in the process of frogging the ugly one so I can re use the dark grey yarn for this pattern (will use light grey for the collar!)

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