Knit the darkness

I love how knitting follows every step of my life. Each finished object has a story to tell.

This one makes me smile. Because it was with me through very dark times.

I started to cast it on when my grandmother what at hospital. I kept knitting while waiting for the funerals. I held on to it when I got the dreadful news about Paris last month. I didn’t even like it when I finished it. It was just to keep my hands busy and my mind focused. Every stitch helped me fight the sadness and anxiety, but I wasn’t too sure about wearing the rather sloppy result.

Free knitting pattern on raverly : Age of brass and steam

Yarn : SoftFun Denim in shade 502 , circular needles : 4mm

And then I blocked it and it turned out lovely.

After blocking
Before blocking

This is how you can turn your darkest emotions into a delicate piece.

And I feel so lucky I’m able to do this.



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