Frustrating knits

So, lately I decided to start knitting wearable clothes for myself.

I was very exited to knit pieces I could be proud of. I chose yarn I loved, spent hours browsing for patterns.

And now my hand hurts and I feel really depressed and I feel like putting all my knitting equipement in a box and quit.

I first did a cardigan, called summer wave cardi, by Vera Sannon, which was supposed to be very simple, quick and with a perfect fit. Quick yes, simple, ok, but the fit was awful. I absolutely can’t wear it outside. It’s ok for bedtime reading, but that’s not exactly what I had in mind when I decided to knit wearable clothes.





Then, for some reason I decided to stick to that designer, even though that first free pattern had disappointed me. I can’t believe I actually spent money to buy a pattern from her. It seems really lovely, a vintage top. It’s a complete nightmare. It’s written in gibberish, I spend most of my time frogging because instead of writing instruction row by row, it’s a mess of “at the same time” and “follow pattern”, which basically leads to “rewrite the whole pattern on your own”.




I thought I had dealt with the worst part, decided to try it on, and the fit is just laughable. I could seriously cry that I’ve spend the last days hurting my hands for something that looks so bad.

Now I need your help. Should I frogg it ? You can see all the details on my Ravelry page. Any idea to use DK coton/acrylic blend (3.5 to 5mm needles) for something wearable, easy and not looking stupid ? Or should I stick to it ? (I’m thinking about frogging the cardigan to, but frogging nearly two weeks of my life kinda pisses me off).

Do you ever get so frustrated ?



  1. It is indeed frustrating when you spend so much time on something that ends up looking like it ought to be used for a chair cover. (Been there, done that, ripped it out.) It looks to me like both of these patterns were knit at least a size or two too large. If you look at the photos on the pattern page, you’ll see that both of them are intended to be worn with very little ease, and in the case of the top, it’s negative ease. If you feel up to it, maybe ripping them out and reknitting in a smaller size will help with the fit. That’s a lot of work, but it might be worth it to get the fit you really want. Good luck!

    • Thank you so much for sharing ! It’s indeed so frustrating, because you feel like you’ve lost so much time, energy and hopes on something that is just not looking nice. I know, they are both way too big, and for both I used smaller sizes than my usual one, I did everything according to pattern, the gauge was good… For the cardigan, I know I won’t knit it again as everyone had issues with those wide sleeves. I’m disappointed in the top that was cute and cost me quite a lot (for a pattern). But maybe it’s the wrong yarn, or the wrong moment in life. Right now I’m so frustrated I feel like nothing good will come out of it. I think I’ll try to knit the top with another yarn, someday, when I have nothing else to do. Especially now that I’ve sorted out most of the pattern. Actually, with the leftover yarn from those projects, I started a third sweater, a basic raglan Drops pattern. We’ll see how it goes, hopefully I’ll be able to wear it !

  2. Knitting clothes is a challenge. Socks are the only thing I’ve figured out how to make fit (and that’s because I found a pattern that works for me and then just make socks for myself!). I’ve made plenty of sweaters that I’ve frogged and made again and frogged and… I have some yarn in my stash that’s been three different sweaters and is back to being yarn! The prep work makes a big difference: make a gauge swatch in pattern and take it all the way through the same care you would the finished garment (washing, drying, whatever). That way you can adjust the pattern to be sure your knitting comes out the right size. Measuring yourself and comparing your measurements to the pattern’s also helps… Good luck!

    • I miss knitting socks ! I actually started frogging the ugly sweater on the picture, and I have finished a lovely sweater, I have to post about it soon, I’m really proud of it ! What really bothered me was that I went to the trouble of doing everything by the book, the gauge, the washing, drying, blocking… it was supposed to work but it didn’t. Maybe with the weight of the full sweater, the yarn went a bit stretchier than expected. Anyway, I ended up using a free very simple pattern and it turned out lovely, will post the pics soon !

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