Raglan vintage blouse

I started sewing again, and right now I am working on a raglan blouse for myself. I hardly ever craft items for myself, but I decided to treat me instead of others for once.

The fabric is very transparent, light and printed in a vintage floral pattern. It’s not my usual style, but it was on sale, and it’s light enough for summer. Will have to wear a tank top or bathsuit underneath.

The pattern is from burda, and the french translation is cryptic to say the least, so I used my imagination and just put the pieces together with the traditional raglan method, where all the pieces are in circle around the collar.

I added some blue lace ribbon. The original pattern called for a glittery fabric but I wasn’t going to have any of that. Wearing white and blue is already a huge step out of my fashion comfort zone.


Little did I expect the collar pieces to be so tricky. I am disapointed as it ruins the garment, but the fabric is to fragile to unsew the pieces and try something else.
It’s ok in the end, you always learn in the process.
Just wish I had single easy patterns instead of the intricate magazine ones, where your eyes bleed trying to find pieces of the puzzle in this maze.





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