My little pieces shawl

I knit this shawl in a day and a half. I used circular 5mm knit pro needles and scraps of various yarns I could find in my stash. Completely improvised, but you can see there so much more than the needlework going on.

This shawl reflects my thoughts, my feelings, my memories. It may not look the nicest or whatever, but it’s just me, at a specific, and rather dark, moment of my life.

I casted on 9 stitches, then increased every other raw 3 stitches from the end of raw. The borders are basic garter stitch, the main body is a mix of stockinette and feather and fan.

knitting shawl
Before blocking : a mess
knitting a shawl
Block it like you mean it

Each yarn brought back memories.

The cream yarn is Bergère de France Perfection, a sock yarn containing wool and nylon. It was a gift from my yarn hero, so that I could practice. I never used until today, years later. Actually I’m going to pick up the phone and call her.

The self-stripping blue yarn is 100%wool from a local yarn shop. I used most of it for a preemie baby who is now a healthy toddler. I knit the baby cardigan incredibly quickly because he was born way too early and the family was going through rough times, and I remember I had to avoid crying while knitting it. I don’t have any pictures of that garment finished, but I had red marks all over my hands from knitting wool so fast.

The gray yarn is Katia Austral. I knit a hat with it, back in the days.

Gray hat Katia Austral
I tried the beginning of the wurm bonnet, then gave up and improvised something.

The self stripping orangey-purpley one is Fabel print from Drops I think. I used it to knit a Holden Shawlette that went really wrong. I think I never weaved in the ends of that one. I actually ended up at the ER with that project in my bag, so it was good to finally wash away the bad memories associated with that yarn.

drops fabel print holden shawlett
Batman gone wrong

I finished up the borders by adding a bit of crochet. Just to remember myself that actually I can do it.

The blocking process was amazing as usual.  I love how it always looks terrible before blocking, and then the butterfly is out of it’s shell and the beauty is revealed.

Do you ever improvised a project ? Do you feel like it reflects your mood ?


Anything to say ? Comment here !

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