Girl’s all in one orange sleeve top : wrong size !

Over six months without publishing anything here.  Life got in the way.

So in January, I was wondering wether to finish a cute orangey baby cardigan (Ravelry Project here) for my 2yo niece. I decided to finish it, and here it is :


Pattern is Girl’s all in one sleeveless top on Ravelry, size 4 to 6 years. Yes, I know .  Joke is, it didn’t fit a 2yo at all, it would only fit a 6 months old baby, with a weird ease. Good thing I went for the big size and I have a younger niece.

Yarns : Katia Peques in Salmon (apricot) et Orange Peach (Orange), lovely to knit. Rabbits buttons from Bergère de France.

layette tricot bordure tricotée
Border detail

Have you ever ended up with a baby outfit that wouldn’t fit ? How does it make you feel ?



  1. I got halfway through making the Monica top from a few years ago. I thought my gauge was okay but it was looking really short and really wide. I ended up frogging it. It sucked :(

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