Baby clothes sizing nightmare

I’m having a hard time finding out the right sizes to knit and sew baby clothes.

Maybe there are none. Maybe because each baby is different, there’s no universal truth when it comes to sizes.

I’m spending quite a lot of time knitting baby outfits, and sometimes it’s disappointing to see it’s too small for the baby already.

Now I’m wondering, should I finish a baby dress that looks too small compared to a T-shirt ?


Pattern is Girl’s all in one sleeveless top, size 4-6 years (t-shirt is 3 years) . I cast it on 4mm needles at first, as the pattern stated, but the size was way closer to a 6 years than to a 3-4 years. The 1-3 year old version would have been too small, so I cast the 4-6 year pattern on 3mm needles. I thought I was being smart, maybe not so much.

Yarn is Katia Peques in Salmon (Yellow) et Orange Peach, which is a lovely yarn to knit, soft and with awesome colors.

Have you ever stumbled upon that problem ? How did you solve it ?


Anything to say ? Comment here !

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