New attempt to knit socks, and finding out sometimes you have to let go.

So since our epic knitting blog week, I basically stopped knitting.

My eyes hurt, my hands hurt, I got tired of knitting pink baby clothing (I used to have a phobia of pink, so it always really costs me to knit pink.).

Then I moved out, it took me forever and I’m not even finished, meaning I have parts of my stash in different places.

Then I had to take my mum to the ER and those were stressful times and I had nothing to knit.

So when Eskimimi shared her Gentle wave sock pattern, I thought I’d give it a try. It looks beautiful, comments said it was easy…

So I bought it, cast it on, knit until the eyelet part. So far, so good.  I chose an apricoty acrilyc yarn for baby, as it was the only yarn that seemed to suit the pattern in my stash. (Those moments when you find out you have plently of yarn, and no pattern that matches…). Merino wool seems too strechy, and I had no coton left. And acrylic is warm for the feet right ? But maybe not that good for lace…

double pointed needles socks
Before the crash

And then I started the lace for the leg part. And epicly failed. Ok, watching Miss Marple and trying to book a trip to Brussels at the same time didn’t help. But I found out that right now, I needed something easy to knit, something I could knit in the train for example.

lace socks
Attempting the lace leg

So I decided to rip off the lace part that didn’t work, and just knit plain stockinette instead of the lace, and then follow the rest of the pattern. I couldn’t resist adding another layer of eyelets.

knitting socks
The new leg

We’ll see how it goes.

Do you sometimes have ambitions you can’t fulfill ? Do you also alter patterns ?



Anything to say ? Comment here !

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