5KCBDAY7 Done that, want this

I’ve learn a lot since last year.

I gave up crochet, as my eyes can’t squint that well anymore. I can knit without watching the project, even with my eyes closed, but I can’t crochet without staring at the project.

I’m done knitting my first socks (you can find the project on ravelry, very simple pattern, and free, and the wool is lovely and cheap too) and I can’t wait to start new socks, possibly involving lace, such as Kalajoki or Twinkleberry.

I need to get better at managing my stash. I keep forgeting which yarn I have. Now I have an entire cube of baby yarn. More babies on the way, so prepare to see more layette here.

Next year…

I’d love to have knit a Kraken Cowl (to show off my geek side).

Kraken Cowl

And finish up all my UFOs…

Thanks to everyone who took part to this wonderful edition of knitting blog week, can’t wait to read you all ! You can follow me on Facebook here by the way !



    • Yeah, I love that cowl !
      Part of my stash is on Ravelry yes, but as I’m terrible at taking pictures, and in the process of moving houses, I haven’t put everything on there, so I keep forgetting what I have !

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