A sock’s dating profile (5KCBWDAY2)

Marguerite (Knit, Fr, 4 days)

Soft and radiant, I’m cuddly but not itchy.

I self-strippe too, and dont require any sewing, which makes me both cute and practical.

chaussetteLikes : Wrapped around you in bed, I bring you warmth and peace. I’m good at playing the piano (well, the pedals, ok, but it still counts !), and I love when my owner stretches her toes.

Dislikes : Wild temperature swings. I’m too afraid to felt. And dogs and cats too, as I feel like something bad may happen to me if I end up in their mouth.

I’m planning to become a model and lead the next generation of socks. Socks are good, socks are warm, everyone needs a sock in their life.

Can’t wait to read your profiles !


11 thoughts on “A sock’s dating profile (5KCBWDAY2)

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