A day in the life of a baby cardigan nearly finished. (knitting blog week 2014 – day 1) 5KCBWDAY1

version française ici

Nearly finished, that’s the point.

My maker totally loves digging into piles of knitting patterns and crowls into her yarn basket like a happy wombat, but she hates weaving in all those pieces of thread.

And I have plenty. Like, really, a lot. A bunch. Too many.


Not my fault if She chose a pattern with lots of sewing, weaving in, so on and so forth. Maybe I should tell her to knit seamless projects, like this one. Seamless is fun, seamless is good for you.

The baby I was knit for was born a bit early, so there was a bit of a rush to finish me. So I used my special powers so that my maker would get the whole thing done. One hour with the sewing machine to sew me (and for some reason she uses tweezers too, don’t ask), and then, there was all my threads left.

So I took her to this beautiful location, and she happily weaved in all my little pieces of thread.

allée fleurie sous arche

Et voilà !

brassière bébé noeud

How do you magically push your makers to finish you ?

Can’t wait to read you all !



    • Yes, I love this parc ! There’s only one bench, so I was happy to have it and tuck it all in and be done with it ! Thanks for stepping by !

  1. I completely sympathise, I have a box in my room where my FOs go to have their ends sewn in. I don’t end up seeing them for a few weeks… lol. I really need to get my act together.

    Great first post for KCBW :) x

    • Thank you ! That box must give you nightmares ! Now I realize I have a shawl I knit 2 years ago, burried somewhere, because I still have to get those ends in…

    • I know ! I guess that’s the great thing from the French Revolution, anyone can go sit into those incredibly beautifull parks that used to be part of private estates. Thanks for your comment !

    • Thank you ! Yes, I discovered a way to sew knit pieces together with a sewing machine without making utter chaos, I might publish a tutorial someday !

  2. Whenever I have lots of ends to sew in I take it to my knitnight. Misery LOVES company and with all the chatting they get sewn in with the minimum of pain.

  3. I have to do the ends a bit at a time. I sew a seam, and then I weave in any ends that touch that seam. Sew another seam, weave in those ends. It’s trying to weave them all in at once that dooms me.

    Yes, that’s a beautiful park (it’s still too cold and wet here to sit outside for very long, so I’m envious of you!). And I like the irregular stripes on the baby jacket: it’s interesting but subtle.

    • Thank you very much ! The weather is crazy here, one day we’re flooded by torrents of water, the next morning the sun is shining bright… This was one good day ! I wasn’t too sure about the stripes, So I just let my imagination improvise !

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