Preparing for a french knitting fair in Paris this week end !

Hi everyone !

Just a quick word to say I’m really exited to be a part of l’Aiguille en fête, a fair gathering needles crafts in Paris. I’ll at stand G9.3 with Addicted2knit this week end. Come and say hello !

This year my resolution was to avoid buying fabrics and yarn and you know, all those lovely colorfull stuff we use for our magic. I’m pretty sure my will is going to yield, and I’m going to buy plenty of yarn this week-end.

How do you prepare for knitting fairs ? Do you write down a list of the patterns/yarns you want ?



  1. I usually don’t create a list. Fairs are for finding neat and unusual things! Inspiration and creativity are to be fostered. But then again, we end up with all those skeins that don’t go with a pattern, or a pattern we can’t find yarn in the stash to make. LOL Enjoy

    • Exactly, either we don’t have the right yarn, nor the right pattern… But I like the idea of letting inspiration come and don’t plan too much ! Thank you very much !

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