And so to frog it.

quand c'est raté, c'est raté...

These last days I was looking for a new knitting project, something quick, useful, and easy to knit in public and knitting cafés.

So I improvised that baby poncho.

Only to find out it was way to small and not the right shape.

So now I’m frogging it and I’m going to knit plenty of baby hats knit in the round for charity.


Still hate that feeling that I’ve lost time knitting for nothing.

How do you feel when you frog a project ?



  1. Resigned. Frustrated. I realize that I’ll feel even worse if I keep knitting and pretend there isn’t a problem, but that still doesn’t make the frogging feeling any more pleasant. I try to frog projects first thing in the morning and get it over with!

    • That’s a good idea, thanks ! I didn’t even felt like frogging it, so it’s burried in my stash now. So frustrating, but sometimes there’s just nothing else to do.

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