Just another cast on method (Knit cast on)

Knitting cast on method

Final result with a few rows of garter stitch and then stockinette stitch

How do you call this method ? I love casting on with this method, it’s a bit slow but not difficult. (Most people on ravelry call it knit cast on, opposed to cable cast on where the loop is picked between stitches… I’ll makes pictures of the cable cast on too then.)


1/ Start with a slipknot

knitting cast on

2/ Stick your right needle in the knot, yarn over the needle as if knitting garter stitch

knitting cast on

3/ you obtain a loop

knitting cast on

4/ extend the loop toward the left needle

knitting cast on

5/ stick the left needle through the loop

knitting cast on

6/ here is your new stitch

knitting cast on

7/ stick your right needle in the new stitch

cast on method

8/ as if knitting

knitting cast on

9/ get a new loop

cast on method

10/ Put that new loop on the left needle

cast on method

11/ repeat the process untill you reach the number of stitches you need.

Sorry wordpress won’t let display the images nicely, hope it’s clear enough.


9 thoughts on “Just another cast on method (Knit cast on)

  1. That’s a cable cast on. It’s a stretchy cast on. I like it too. I’ve recently tried the alternate cable cast on for 1×1 ribbing. Stretchy but it produces a bulkier edge. Oh there are so many cast ons…

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