Vintage baby dress

I love sewing, and I was quite surprised to find out I completely forgot to share my sewing projects on this blog. I love having multiple blogs, but sometimes it’s a bit overwhelming.

So last week I made a pile of things for my baby niece.

Let’s start with this baby dress. I made biais with golden linen, and used a vintage liberty fabric. The quality of that fabric is amazing, so different from the cotton I find in stores nowadays. There’s a weird story about that fabric.

A few months ago, a neighbour passed away. I would pop ut at his place from time to time to check on him, and it’s always hard to see people decline. The flat was emptied and soon there were boxes and bags full of stuff everywhere on the street. I saw fabrics in one of the trash bags, hesitated, and finally brought it home, just before a storm. It made me think of my neighbour’s deceased wife, but I quite didn’t know why. After a few inquiries, it was actually her stuff ! I don’t tend to believe in ghosts and everything, but it just felt like she had put a piece of her soul in the fabrics. And she had such a lovely taste.  Once everything was washed and ironed, I found I could use most of it, and I’ve always wanted to try to do something a bit old-fashioned.

robe bébé vintage

Buttons on the back of the dress.

I suppose some people might find it gross to use fabrics found in the street. But I’m a goth and the movement started with us making our clothes out of what was found in the garbage. At first I wasn’t too sure about using fabrics that used to belong to a deceased person, but since the heirs got rid of it, and she loved sewing, I though it would be a way to pay her a tribute.

Have you ever experimented something similar ?



    • Yes, it’s so pretty, and I would expect a quality like that to be quite pricy nowadays ! We were in good terms so I hope they would have liked that I kept a piece of their life.

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