A Blizzard of love

Today I received the most unexpected gift ever.

Months ago, when I read about the Sandy HookSnowflake operation, I sat at my desk and made a pile of snowflakes, trying not to shed tears on them. I know what it’s like going back to school after a mate gets murdered and I know you never heal. But I thought it was a lovely idea to try to send some love and comfort to the kids and families.


 I can’t believe the Sandy Hook Elementary School PTA  spread so much positive energy and I’m really moved by their card. Thank you.

Sometimes we believe there’s nothing we can do.
Well, seems like a bit of love and paper is always better than nothing.

Today my heart bleeds for Spain, where I spent so much time. Spain is the only place where I feel like home. And now I don’t know what to do to help…



  1. This is heartbreakingly sweet, you are an inspiration that a little can go such a long way. If you ever feel small in this world look at this letter – your snowflakes helped improve people’s lives.

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