Knitting in Public funny stories #1

I love knitting in public. I’ve done quite a lot of so-called ridiculous stuff in public in my life, so I really don’t care. I used to sing video games music themes, a cappella, in public parcs in Paris, so knitting in public is a piece of cake. And it’s always very interesting to see how people react to that.

This week, I was knitting my very colorful baby cardigan in the suburbian train near Paris. Everybody is always depressed and moody, and there’s often horrible and loud music so you need to escape somehow. A 60 years old punk guy approached me, said “Do you speak french”, I nodded, and he said that what I was doing was great. That was unexpected and really funny. Funny because you expect punks to love knitting, and funny because once again I’ve been mistaken for a tourist.

The cardigan is finished now, will publish it once the mother receives it. I quite liked it, but I’m planning to do a new one with less seaming, and no seed stitch. I hate seed stitch. I’ll use garter stitch instead, and probably Drops Paris yarn.

I’m knitting a lot of gauges at night when I can’t sleep, improvising new stitches. I should take pics before ripping them off, so somebody might recognize them and give me the “official” name.



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