Summer stripes for my baby niece

I needed something quick, funny, and challenging to enjoy knitting again. I found that lovely pattern called Presto Chango (love that name), and started it a few days ago with some yarn I’ve been trying to get rid of for ages, Aviso by Phildar. Good thing I kept it, the result is quite cheerful.

You can see how the project goes here :

It was my first time casting on with two colors, I loved it !

CIMG5164Have you ever tried it ?

What’s your favorite casting on method by the way ? I only know 4 or 5, there’s probably so much more !



  1. I tend to use the long-tail cast on for just about everything, and sometimes the tubular cast on if I’m doing a sweater with K1 P1 ribbing. Last year, two books, both called Cast On, Bind Off, were published, and I got both of them (overkill?). Between them, there must be instructions for just about every cast on imaginable, and it will take me quite a while to pick a favorite.

      • I hadn’t thought of that. Thanks for the idea. Although I still have to really, really give both books a good looking-over (neither of them is the kind that you sit down to read from beginning to end).

      • I know, there’s often so many informations you feel like you have to re-read multiple times to get everything. I think I only have one knitting book in english, would be interesting to read others. I do have a few ones in french tho, but often translated from German, and the translations are a bit messy sometimes.

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