Planning new projects while being too lazy to finish the ones in progress

Lately I feel like I’ve been knitting a lot, but with no visible results.

I’m still struggling with my Katia sweater, still haven’t finished the back nor started the front. It’s so slow and boring right now. And the size is too big, and I might not even have enough yarn to finish it. But I don’t feel like ripping it off, I don’t want another zombie project waiting forever in my cupboards.


I’m at the end of a skein, so I thought I’d show you the technique to join without knots, but my hands are shaking so bad the result isn’t very pretty, so instead of my crappy pictures, you can find a good tutorial here

I also have that boring plain Bergère de France hoody sweater to finish, but that will take me ages. I love the color, but the yarn isn’t that easy to knit, it’s slow and humidity doesn’t help knitting it.


I need to dream what my next project will be, so here are a few ideas. I need something to cheer me up, something challenging but not giving me headaches, something useful, something I can have fun with.

  • A laughingbird scarf. I knit a bit of the pattern to learn the lace, it’s nice but I’m not sure I love it enough to finish a whole scarf. I think I’ll turn what I knit into a page marker, once blocked. pagemark
  • A hedgehog. That’s cute and I have a baby niece. That pattern sounds lovely.
  • A shawl. Maybe I could try a new version of my Millenium Falcon one and write down the pattern and publish it.
  • a lonely tree shawl but with 3 parts instead of 2
  • lonely tree 3

Any other idea ? What are you kitting right now ? What do you do when you need something to cheer you up ?



  1. I’m knitting a cardigan for my 2yr old daughter but have got bored of it already and I’ve only done half the back.

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