Feeling bored with plain stockinette and learning new stitches.

So I’m still trying to finish my so-call star wars shawl. I’m not a fan of the colors and it’s shapeless so far, but it’s all super soft merino wool so it should be warm and comfy. Exactly what we need here, as the weather in France is very autumnal.


I don’t even want to count the stitches, or imagine the moment when I’ll have to bind off.

So, I got bored, and decided to try something new and challenging. I remembered an interesting stitch on a french blog, that you can see here : tutoriel du point de groseille de knitspirit. There a video that might help non-french speakers. How do you name that stitch ?

I used some Annecy yarn, by bergère de france, a lovely purple, and cast it on. It’s really cool to knit, it needs quite a lot of focusing, but I really love the super-squishy result.



I’d love to knit a blanket with it, but it might take ages…

Do you knit that type of stitches ? What kind of project do you use it for ?



  1. A blanket with this stitch would be quiet the endeavor, it looks a bit like a popcorn stitch but I will watch the tutorial and see if that doesn’t tell me more! It is lovely though!

  2. You could use it as an accent on a sweater or a blanket, so that you didn’t have to use it all over the piece. Love the color of the swatch. Ohhh, Merino, soft!!! Don’t count, it will only make it worse. LOL.

    • Ho yes, that’s a good idea !
      I love that purple too, and funny thing the yarn is softer knit with that stitch than in stockinette… go figure !
      I’m just done with the Merino shawl, soft soft soft but I have to block it now, and I’m being lazy !

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