Shawl I rip you off, dear Star Wars project ?

Ok, I’ve just read this post about the Damson shawl, exactly what I’ve been looking for, a shape that take entirely the shoulders and neck.

But is it wise to start a new project, again, while I have so many going on already ?

I’m wondering if I should continue my home made star wars inspired shawl or rip it off and use the yarn for a Damson ?


Ok, that is supposed to look like the Falcon Millenium.
Completely improvised, I have no idea what it’s going to look like if I keep going.

What do you think ? What should I do ?



  1. I think that your decision depends on what you want from it. If you carry on with your version you will learn loads although it may not be perfect. If you want something that you know will work and look beautiful (for certain) then you should use the pattern……

    • Thanks, Very true ! I would love something that looks beautiful, for once, but the color of the yarn doesn’t fit me anyway, so it might not even please me. And i’m trying to avoid buying anything at the moment… so maybe I should go on with mine and learn from it, and do the Damson when I have the money and the right yarn.

Anything to say ? Comment here !

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