And now, what ? (Knitting and crochet blog week 2013 day 7)

Today is about the skills I want to learn soon.

  • socks
  • crochet in the round (yes, sounds stupid I know, seems like most people learn crochet starting with a circle, but I just can’t manage it, so I go with lines and lines, but in the round sounds funnier.)
  • learn how to stop starting so many useless projects that I lost a couple of hours after starting them (those gems I find when I tidy up !)
  • stop buying yarn that I now I can’t really use.

Is that so different from last year’s post ?

I really want to thank everyone who joined in the knitting and crochet blog week 2013, it was really lovely to get to read new blogs. It will take ages to read and comment on everyone, but it will be a pleasure. And a big thank to all of you who made nice comments about my knitting song.

A lot of non-knitters believe knitting is about solitude, being old and/or having nothing better to do with our hands.

Thank you for beeing out there fellow knitters, proving them wrong every day.

We’re talented, creative, open-minded, often a little bit crazy, and it’s all for the best.



  1. *applause* it has been so much fun getting to know you this week.
    I had never imagined that knitting could be this fun or could lead to so many new friends.
    I look forward to reading your non-blog week posts.

    • thank you so much ! It’s been so much fun for me too ! I look forward to reading you too, I used to forget about this blog but now I want to keep it more up to date !

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