No more bamboo needles (Knitting and Crochet Blog week 2013 day 6)

Ok, so today is about tools. The one we love and would recommend to knitters comrades, and the one we don’t like at all.

I must say I have been very disappointed with bamboo needles. Last year I was so please with them, believing it’s all good for environment and lighter than metal and so on. Yes it is light. But the thing is, it simply doesn’t last.

I bought bamboo needles from different brands, some double-pointeded, some straights, but they all ended up the same way. After knitting about 5-6 projects with them, and not even big super complicated lace stuf, the ends spilt into little pieces and gosh it hurts the fingers to have bamboo splinters into your fingers and hands !

And to be honest, knitting as always been about transmitting for me. I started picking up my mum’s needles when I was like 6 years-old. And we still have them, they might be a little bent, but I still use them sometimes. I simply can’t imagine having to buy new needles every 5 hats I knit in the round !

Now, on to my favorite tool. It’s a small 2,5mm crochet from my mother’s stuff. It’s over 40 years old, and still hasn’t budged. It’s perfect to pick up the stitches. It’s nothing too fancy I know, but I couldn’t have finished most of my projects without it. Thank you little crochet. (By the way, I love how english native speakers pronunciate “crochet” with the french accent !)

(thank you to everyone who took time to listen to my knitting song yesterday, I wasn’t too sure about it but now I’m happy I did publish it !)



  1. there’s at least one good point of bamboo or in general wooden knit needles: you can take them in the aeroplane to knit with :-) but to buy new ones after 5 projects sounds annoying.

    • Yes, that must be useful when one flies a lot ! I don’t have that problem with wood, like the knitpro symfonies, but yes having to replace needles every 5 projects feels annoying.

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