A stupid knitting song(Knitting and Crochet Blog Week 2013 day 5)

It was challenging to find an idea for this post. Something unusual… Last year I wrote knitting poetry here and here, and really enjoyed it so this year, I recorded a knitting song.

See, I even included the Bee ! Ok, it’s just a few garageband loops and stupid lyrics and me singing (badly). But it was fun ! Here are the lyrics  (imagine a dialog with a cat, a dog or a husband…)

Bring back my needles :

Bring back my needles,
I need to finish off that sweater before christmas
Or I will feel terrible to have to buy something else
I know my stash is too big
and you wish I’d stop buying more
 but Yarn is all I dream off and I can’t live without it
So Please bring back my needles
 I promise I’ll knit you something too
Someday when I find the right shape,
 the right pattern, the right color that fits you
Wow Please don’t chew that wool
It’s even more pricey than your food
It comes from the other side of the world
and I can’t let you ruin it
So please bring back my needles
Or I’ll have to buy some news ones
Maybe in plastic or wood
you know anything will do
I promise I won’t ever knit
anything pink again
 But please stop chasing the bees
they are just like me



    • Thank you very much ! Actually I spent years as a child singing silly operas for kids on stage in front of a 9-yo audience that wouldn’t give a fig, so I thought I couldn’t do really worst by publishing this one. Though this morning I did hesitate a little bit, but well, I had fun doing it, and I’m proud I did it !

  1. I just found your blog through the challenge and THIS IS WIN.
    I don’t just notice how you snuck the bees in there, but it’s a really fine ending!
    Thank you for sharing this.

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