Colors (Knitting and Crochet Blog Week 2013 day 4)

version française

I love teals, golden greens, purples and aubergines. But they are not always the most flattering on me, as they make me look like a zombie. But I buy them anyway, stupid me.

When I look back on everything I knit since last year knitting blog week, I realize there’s a lot of pinks involved, mainly for baby clothing, and I’m not a fan of pinks, but anyway, it’s always pretty on babies. Proof that you can knit colors you don’t actually like. My stash doesn’t look goth anymore, doesn’t it ? I feel like having a little bit of everything, but it still not enough.


That’s about half of my stash. Way too much. I think I’m knitting and buying more green lately, I made a green lonely tree shawl here, and right now I’m knitting a green sweater.

Compared to last year’s post about colors, I feel like I haven’t changed that much. I still don’t feel like I have a personal style or that my stash looks like me. I used to be a lot into rainbow colors, so I have plenty, but I found out I can’t really finish a project involving them as they really tire my eyes.

So I’ll have to de-stash, someday. Do you do it, sometimes ? How does it work ?

So, what are your favorite colors ? Do you also buy colors you can’t wear ?



  1. I buy other colors when making gifts..or for baby stuff or amiguramis…but I tend to stick to greens, purples and autumn colors for myself…that is a beautiful shawl!

    • exactly ! but it’s interesting knitting out of one’s boundaries for infants or gifts, I would have never tried pink for example, and now I’m proud I did !

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