Bee ! (Knitting and Crochet Blog Week Day 1)

 Version Française ici

Bee it is.

I might be too old to listen to emo bands and wear strippy black and white leggings and mitains, but it’s not just about strippes. I tend to accumulate tons of projects, most of them forgotten in drawers somewhere. And some others are finished in no time. Go figure.

It was a difficult choice, I like the quite and relax side of the Lamantee, and the intelligence of the Monkey (who doesn’t want to pretend she’s intelligent ?). But I’m not a peacock. I don’t really care about details. I’m trying to stop being a perfectionnist  and I’m doing well, so my knitting doesn’t look very good but I feel better and that’s the only important thing in the end.

I don’t think I yet have a personal knitting or crochet style. This year I received quite a lot of queries, and had to knit a lot for my baby niece, so not much personal stuff. It really felt like a bee, knitting all these baby clothes. Not that there was any pressure from the parents, but as the babies grow up so fast, you have to finish off before it’s too late, and it’s a bit stressful. So now I’m planning to wander around a little bit more and knit what I want. I already have so much going on…



  1. I too am in the House of Bee, so many projects, so little time. What is your Ravelry name? I would love to go look at some of the baby items you have made! I am 19vesperstreet.

  2. Whatever do you mean, no more dancing to emo bands in stripes. Sacre bleu! :)

    Thanks so much for translating things in French so we can have another French contingent this year. The international aspect is one of my favorite things about this week is one.

    • Yes, I love that too, discovering new blogs from the other side of the world ! Translation was funny to do, and I’m happy it helps quite a lot of french bloggers being a part of this knitting and crochet blog week !

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