A nice and classic grey hat in Katia Austral.

A simple and warm hat, knit with Austral wool by Katia, 50% merino/ 50% acrylic. It’s very soft and the color is perfect, classical and wearable but with some depth.

I casted on 108 stitches on bamboo double-pointes needle 3,5mm. Bamboo was a mistake, it kept tearing the yarn. I’ll explain more during the knitting blog week. I loved the construction, basically you knit stockinette stich for about 10 row, then garter stitch, then stockinette again so the first stockinette part flips to the inside of the hat, and then you knit 1 cast stich with 1 stich on the needle to sew them together. (Ok, not easy to explain, you can see the wurm bonnet on ravelry to see how it’s done). It was my first time doing that construction, so I had to rip it off and knit it again until I understood how it worked, but I really like it, it makes a nice clean edge.

bonnet gris
I didn’t use a pattern, I simply tried it on and enlarged when needed and reduced at the end. It was a bit slow (less than a week though), but very interesting, and it fits perfectly !
bonnet gris
What’s your favorite type of hat to knit or crochet ? Lace or bulk yarn ?


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