Holden, Interrupted.

At least I finished my first Holden Shawlette !

It waited for months in the middle of the stash, because I thought it looked ugly and useless… that was before blocking. I was impressed how wonderful it turned, the yarn was easy to stretch.

I made a lot of mistakes on that shawl, so at some point I couldn’t just keep on ripping it off and try again, I decided to improvised, and now I’m quite happy with the result.


I know it doesn’t really look like the original one, and it has that funny Batman shape. I wonder how to wear it now.

I used Drops Fabel Print, a lace yarn that might not be the softest of all yarns, but it doesn’t split and easy to block. I love the everchanging color pattern, though it’s not the easiest colors to wear for me.

I don’t think I’ll knit this pattern again, but I’ll definitively use that yarn again for other lace projects. Or even for socks.


Anything to say ? Comment here !

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