Next knitting project : lace Top a bretelle Bergere de France

A few days ago on Ravelry, I stumbled upon this really lovely camisole tank top :—top-a-bretelles-3

debardeur bretelles dentelle
suzma used a nice green to knit hers, and she kindly let me use her picture to illustrate this post.
Thank you again for your generosity !

This pattern is no longer available on the Bergere de France official website (neither the french nor the international one actually). I think it was originally in the french summer/spring collection number 123.

I absolutely love the lace pattern on the neck, and the very thin straps.

Technically, it is way beyond my capacities, but it cheers me up to knit challenging lace.

I’ve been knitting so much garter stitch baby items that I sometimes forget the fun in knitting. Which is bad. If that ever happens to you, go knit something fun instead.

 And I like have multiple works in progress, so I never get bored and I kinda knit faster.

This pattern is for sizes 1,2 and 3, don’t really know what it means, will have to check with Bergère de France.

The construction seems original : first you knit a thin leaf lace band, then pick up stitches and knit up. And then it gets complicated, haven’t sorted it all out yet.

Now that I’m obsessed with this pattern, I can’t pick up the right color.

The pattern uses Bergère de France’s  coton mercerisé, but I don’t like the colors. I’d like some black, grey, aubergine, dark green or maybe even dark teal. But they only have light summer colors.

The others yarns used by people who knit this pattern seem impossible to find in France.

Any idea ? How do you like this pattern ? Do you have challenging knitting projects in mind right now ?



  1. You can find the specifics on the sizing in the FAQs on the Bergere website. I say, even if it is complicated…jump in! You have nothing to lose, and may improve your skills along the way! Can you tell me where you were able to locate this pattern, or would you be willing to sell your used copy when you are finished? I have been looking everywhere to no avail!

    • Yes, I know the BDF sizing chart, but I’m always in between sizes, so it means doing quite a lot of maths… and the search for the right yarn proved to be so painful I kinda gave up for now, it’s in my to-do list, just not right now. But I do hope I’ll learn a lot with it !
      I know it’s been incredibly complicated for me to find it, I’m sending you an email about it.
      thanks for your comment !

  2. Hi! I have been looking for this pattern as well and could never find it! I have even emailed the company and they have refused as well. Would you give me a pointer on where to find this? Thanks!

  3. The pattern looks beautiful and definitely challenging. I stumbled upon your site while trying to find a copy of this pattern. Do you know of anywhere that this pattern is still available? Thanks!

  4. I’ve also been trying to find this pattern to no avail. >_< If anybody know of anywhere that might have it, please also let me know!

  5. Hallo from Karlsruhe,

    your top is so beautiful and i really like to knit it to. Do you think that it makes sense to ask bergere de France for the pattern? If not, would it be possible to get it from you? It would be so great. Many thanks :o) Christine

  6. Hello,

    I too have been brought to this page because of the beautiful dress on Raverly. Does anyone know where to find the pattern for the top? I would love to make this for my daughters’ 18th birthday present

  7. Hello! I stumbled upon this fascinating blog while searching for the pattern for this top. Where did you get the pattern? I tried to find a pattern for something similar, but I found nothing that would come even close. Do you know where I could get a copy of this pattern?

    • Thank you and welcome ! The pattern is in french, the brand refuses to reprint it, translate it or anything. Some people on ravelry might still have it.

    • Hi ! This pattern is discontinued, Bergère de France won’t publish it anymore. Maybe try asking people who have knit it ? (I haven’t, it’s only in my wishlist)

  8. Hey I know if you got this request many times and probably sick of it but I would appreciate it if you could share the pattern! Love the color you chose for it!

    • Hi ! If you read closely, I didn’t knit this one, and borrowed the pic from someone else. You might want to ask the pattern to someone who knit it. Best regards.

  9. Hello, Sorry to ask you this since you probably got this request one too many times.. but I have been searching for this pattern everywhere and you might be my last hope! Would you mind sharing the pattern??

  10. I am desperately looking for a copy of this pattern, impossible! I hope you will be able to help me with a tip on where I may find it? Thank you and best regards, Susan.

    • Hi ! Sorry it took me forever to reply ! The owner of the pattern (Bergère de France) doesn’t publish it anymore. I suggest you try asking the people who did knit it (I didn’t, it’s been in my wish-list forever). Best regards.

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